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Conversations 161 - 180 of 387
Photo of Ray
21" High Lift Blade Review
I thought I'd provide my impressions of the Ego High Lift blade for the 21" mower.  I placed an order on Amazon, and received my blade ab...
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Photo of Bob
Great First Impression
In need of replacing a 12+ year-old gas-powered mower, I had researched to the max what was available on the market. Having always poure...
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Photo of Tim1951
Three Year Update
Just fininished the yard for the 25th time this summer and haven't posted in some time so I thought it was past time for an update. My...
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Photo of jman
Great Customer Support
Bought the 15" trimmer kit in early May and the battery died on me about a week ago after only 2 months and maybe 5 uses. Called the cus...
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Photo of Sibyl Smith
Gotta Brag!
Gotta brag on this Ego 21" LM2101 Mower!     Man - my centipede grass (NFL) looks like velvet.    Daughter says it looks like a golf gr...
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Photo of David
Amazing Customer Service
I called Ego support for the first time today for a battery issue. My representative (Brittany) was a huge help. She immediately knew w...
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