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Photo of Oregon Mike
A Funny Thing...
I'm listening to my neighbor use a gas mower to mow their yard. No biggie, right? Funny thing, though. I couldn't stand the smell of the ...
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Photo of Ken
Ego mower, as seen from space
Google Maps recently updated the satellite photos for my neighborhood. I can tell this is from the end of last summer because of my next-...
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Photo of Stephen
Excellent Customer Service
I just wanted to say that there are not many companies out there that have the same level of customer support as EGO. I spoke with Andy i...
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Photo of toast
First use of new LM2100SP
Purchased a LM2100Sp the other day and used it for the first time today.  I love it!!!  Easy to use and load into the back of my small Ho...
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Photo of Oregon Mike
Lawn Care Humor
A little bit of fun. Substitute American with whatever country you're in.  Also, Ego makes it so we want to have lawns. 
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