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Photo of Bob
Warranty issues
Lack of response except impediments I am still trying to get customer service (read get them to stand behind their warranty) with this c...
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Photo of Chase023
Ego Trimmer Wheel Mod!
Ego Trimmer Mod!  I really liked my black and decker trimmer with the wheel for doing edging so I thought maybe with a few parts I can pu...
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Photo of michael kelley
Power rake
Wondering if there is a power rake available or being developed for the ego lawn mower line. Or is there another compatible option out there
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Photo of jordan haretuku
Shipping to NZ
Hi, I'm wanting to buy the LM2142SP. It's not available in New Zealand or Australia. Can I get one shipped here and what would the ball p...
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Photo of bloomz
Yellow and red lights more frequent
On my 3rd year with the mower - and love it still.  (Since I got the High Lift Blade that is) However, it's getting more frequent the yel...
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