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Photo of Kathryn Moreau
Down to one line
Is it typical for the trimmer to have two lines to start, then lose one of them after a few minutes?  How do I keep 2 lines going? As a w...
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Photo of Bob Jobe
Mower won’t start
Got done mowing my front lawn, went to the back and the mower wouldn’t start. Checked battery. Fine. Switched batteries. Nothing. Let mow...
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Photo of andy szurek
weed trimmer
Weed eater has design flaw. My 15 month old ST1500SF has already been into the repair shop twice and now it is broken again. For the seco...
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Photo of brockmanrm06
dual blade
This week I tried attaching two blades to my lawn mower.  It greatly improved the cut and the mulching for about 1⁄2 hour an then it woul...
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