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Photo of Tim1951
4 Year Update
I have been posting updates periodically regarding my Ego equipment and how it is performing so time for another update. This is my fourt...
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Photo of Rick Hutchins
Own 5 EGO products
I own a lawn mower, leaf blower, edger/trimmer, and 2 - 14" chain saws. They have performed well and it takes me considerably less time t...
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Photo of Oregon Mike
Small sale at Home Depot...
All 20" mowers.
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Photo of Michael G
EGO -vs- Gas
Our weather conditions in the Chicago area have created unbelievable grass growing conditions. On my last mow I must has cut 2-1/2”. My n...
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Photo of David
Power Head System
Well i finally got me the power head system.... to join my LM21SP  Thank you Home depot US!- for making it kinda somewhat easy to find th...
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