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Photo of Robert
chainsaw issue
Was completely thrilled with my new EGO Chainsaw, but as I'm using it more and more and on bigger logs, a problem is coming up. The saw i...
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Photo of Sibyl Smith
Gotta Brag!
Gotta brag on this Ego 21" LM2101 Mower!     Man - my centipede grass (NFL) looks like velvet.    Daughter says it looks like a golf gr...
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Photo of Dan
Question about efficiency
Just purchased a 2102SP and I was curious it it was better for the mower/more efficient to keep the bail switch depressed the entire time...
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Photo of Michael G
Battery Level
Just curious - I see many posts where it's mentioned for example "I have 15-20% left in the battery." How is this determined? As far as I...
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