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Photo of Ronald
LM2000S looks good. Almost there. However, I MUST have a 3/4 inch cut. Will you add a 3/4 inch cut to your cut choices with the hand le...
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Photo of L
Electric Shears
How about strapping some electric garden shears on the Ego battery system?  My carpel tunnel syndrome is bad enough already.  This would ...
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Photo of TheAtomTwister
Hey, Blue, I'll bet you'll like this! I've been meaning to post this for some time now, but wouldn't it be awesome if EGO made its own e...
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Photo of Sierra
Bump Feed Resolution....!!!!
Powerful Trimmer, Trimmer Line SUCKS..!!After having owned this EGo trimmer for a few months, I can finally give a review on my experienc...
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Photo of James
Airstream control
My old blower has a flattened tip and seems to control the airflow better- ever try pinching the end like this?
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