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Photo of Oregon Mike
Lawn Care Humor
A little bit of fun. Substitute American with whatever country you're in.  Also, Ego makes it so we want to have lawns. 
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Photo of Allen K
Blade Confirmation Please
Hi all. So I may be nuts, but I just did it -- I ordered almost $2,000 from Home Depot (online) for the new steel deck mower, backpack bl...
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Photo of Amber F.
New Year, New Tools!
We're beyond pleased to announce that the EGO Power+ lineup has grown! Please join us in officially welcoming these new tools to our fami...
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Photo of Keith Jaeger
backpack bh1001
Can the BH1001 backpack work with both a string trimmer and a blower?  I live on a big yard with a steep slope so getting the weight on m...
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