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Conversations 221 - 240 of 312
Photo of Erik
I seen Honda is partnering with EGO to sell some of the Ego stuff under the Honda brand. I wish Craftsman would do the same, Ego would ha...
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Photo of David Severson
combination sales
I would like to see some more combination packages with price breaks over individual purchase prices.   Especially a Hedge Trimmer, Strin...
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Photo of TheAtomTwister
22 inch mower
Just a bigger lawn mower, upping the ante a bit.  Also, I would really like for it to have a turbo button on the handle so I can run it a...
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Photo of Michel Levesque
EGO power+ adaptor
Have several friends which are using lead batteries for their fishing electric motors (sonar too).  This could be a good move to bring an...
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Photo of Greg
Blower Handle adjustment
I have purchased the snowblower and love the products!.. Used it already 4 times this snowy Canadian season. However, I wish the handle h...
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