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Photo of SCDC
Your EGO Workout goals
Ok.  I already know a lot of you like to push your mower for the work out.  Well, I've got a GPS Fitness tracker and I decided to log my ...
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Photo of Ivan
Bump on trimmer
My string trimmer doesn't eject string on contact. I have to keep taking it out and pulling the string to continue to . I've had this ...
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Photo of Richard
Charger Question
Just finished mowing our lawn and usually there is about 1/4 power left in the battery when I put it on the charger.  This time, however,...
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Photo of AndyC
LOVE my EGO 21" mower!
I purchased the LM2102SP mower kit with the 7.5Ah battery and rapid charger, and I have been very impressed with the performance of this ...
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