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Conversations 201 - 220 of 312
Photo of Tom Jacques
Suggestion: Loaners.
Considering the length of time repairs take, couldn't our local HD store offer "LOANERS"?.  I'd hate to have my mower go down during gras...
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Photo of Michael G
Forum Polls?
Many forums have the option to poll the users. I think this option would be beneficial to save users time in searching for information. F...
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Photo of Michael S.
Ego Power Mower Improvements
I like the Ego Self Propelled Mower much better than my previous gas mower.  Still, nothing is perfect and here are a few suggestions for...
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Photo of Curtis King
Better Mower Blade
After decades of using a gas mower I finally bit the bullet and went electric.  I like everything about my EGO self propelled mower EXCEP...
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Photo of Jim
charger indicates full charge
I was having the same problem Milana and David are having.  Here is what I did to correct the problem: 1. Take the battery off the charge...
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