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Conversations 1 - 20 of 1979
Photo of Al Davison
Home Depot and the other big box stores do not sell the Ego tiller. Is this being discontinued? Where to purchased?
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Photo of Don Kennedy
I purchased a LM2135SP on May 18, 2020 and noticed when pushing the mower from the front yard to the backyard without the mower running, ...
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Photo of Tim Tuohey
Trailing shield
The trailing shield broke off  on a 2016 SP model after 4 yrs of on/off use. I had to buy a new one but it looks like the ends were cut o...
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Photo of Brian
Wrong Battery
I picked up a 680cfm blower.  it is supposed to have the 5.0 AH battery, but only had the 2.5AH battery.  Is my only recourse to return it?
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Photo of Alain Desrochers
Solar charger
Is anyone that have seen or heard of the solar charger desing for the nexus ???
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