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I used my new SP Mower for the first time today.  Cut only part of the front yard.  The rest didn't need it yet.  What I cut was wet (dewy) and thick.  I set the mower right in the middle of its height and it went through everything beautifully.  I may have to blow or rake part of it because it was really long.  This generally happens to me for the first cut of the season.  I was very impressed.  

I only had three minor concerns:  First, the drive controller stuck on the foam protection on the handle.  It kept pulling me along in a tight spot.  Second, the drive seemed to "stutter" when using it without the blade turning.  Finally, some times the drive wheels would not "release" to pull the mower backward from an obstacle.  I inched the mower forward and, when pulling back again, they were free.  These things may be a matter of just getting used to it.  

I have a fairly steep incline and the mower went up that like a champ, taking the full 21" cut.  I'm very pleased.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Good comments /questions...

The sticking handle... Think the handle could have been in the sun for a while so the foam was hot.. Maybe making it more pliable /soft. It might Co tribute? My SP model has not done this as for my experience (mowed 3x so far).

The stuttering... Was it perhaps on a decline? Even a small one? If it was a decline but you did the same decline with the blade going... You just need to remember if cutting grass the mower will likely not be trying to roll faster than your walk due to the thicker grass it's rolling through /cutting.

Engaging when needing a push and disengaging when trying to roll faster than the motor is "pushing."

As a side note, the blade system (bigger motor) and the drive system (different motor) are completely separate.
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Caution on wet /dewey grass... To keep the air flow and flow of grass...

Grass sticks a lot more when it is more wet. So if mowing when wet, I spray off the bottom (or wipe it) being careful around the blade shaft.

Also, the wet grass will really stick and clog up mesh of the bag. Spray from the outside into the mesh (opposite direction of airflow when mowing) to clean off the wet grass before it drys and becomes really hard to get off. When caked in the fabric I suspect it will impede airflow and therefore the normal flow of grass from where it's cut all the way into the bag!..... This was my experience with prior gas mowers.

I suppose it is more important to keep the bag clean /clear for good operation than the underside of the deck. But it all helps.

Keep in mind that though the mower is rated for rain and sprinklers. IPX 4 rating is safe for splashing water in all directions and NOT water jets. So careful when using fast water from a hose or nozzle. It's not rated for that.
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Ego doesn't recommend spraying the underside of the mower deck. As you mention, the products are rated for a splash here and there or rain, but not directed water flow from a hose.

I believe wiping the underside of the mower deck is a good practice, and is easy to do immediately after mowing when the grass is still wet. Also made easier by the upright storage position of the mower. :-)
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Thanks for the added information! I'll keep that in mind.
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Rear wheels locked up....

I have seen comments on this before with what actions trigger this. But I have experienced the same thing.

Until I read it again or figure it out I just release the wheel drive lever a little more before I want to stop or slow down. I suppose running into something with the motor going /driving is not good on the "system /gears." And it gives me space to push forward to release if necessary.


I think this releasing the lever earlier is the reason I have not had the locking issue for a while.

And I keep the blade control bar pulled back as I release and squeeze the wheel drive lever. Less things to think about.