Will EGO be making a standalone Mulcher w/bag?

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No one seems to be able to make a good standalone mulcher
that works great.  I have most of the EGO tools except the chain saw and snow blower but love them all.

Your blower is fantastic but now I need to have a really well designed mulcher w/bag to use to clean up my yard work (leaves, twigs, etc.). This would be a really good addition to your EGO lineup in my opinon since people really don't want to haul around electrical extension cables around the yard and mess with gas operated equipment.

Anyway I was just wondering if you folks were thinking of tackling a project like this.
I am hopeful.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Interesting discussion folks.  I feel some maybe overthinking the non-battery aspect of the design technology.  This Isn't a new idea from me as B&D's Model No. BV5600 does exactly what's required and appears as would be expected, to have improved over the unit I had 10 years ago, namely with a metal impeller.  Go to their website to see it.  This is exactly what we need but only in a portable version.  This unit has no "cartridge" and I can't imagine what the engineer is possibly referring to.  The only part on a blower/vacuum mulcher that could conceivably be termed a "cartridge" is the battery power pack, but nothing regarding the functional design. 

Air direction is the same passing through the impeller and works just fine in the mulching form.  For mulching, the expended air along with the mulched leaves are simply put into the bag as opposed to directed to the atmosphere.  To convert from blower to vacuum mulcher, you simply remove the protective shroud over the air intake and attach the vacuum tube here.  Connect the bag to the air outlet after removing the blower tube and you're ready to go. Couldn't be simpler. :-)

B&D's has two speeds, low and high but both work for mulching.  The difference is you can use the lower speed for working around living plants you don't want to disturb or harm.  

I don't buy into the idea of the current battery not providing enough power for a long enough period of time as they're used to power lawnmowers and snowblowers which require far more power than a leaf mulcher!  

The only issue as I see it, and I'm an engineer too, is that the current cordless blower cannot be modified to the multi-use platform we see in the B&D unit......it has to be a completely new design to make it the multi-use tool it needs to be.  EGO is considered an upscale model and with the technology, both in multi-use design as shown by B&D for a long time now, and battery design from EGO leading the industry, there is no reason why the marriage of design and battery power can't be put into production asap.  Basically copy B&D's design with enough changes to not run afoul of any patents of course.  I can't imagine EGO isn't aware that they're losing a market share to B&D and other manufacturers by not having a combo unit of their own.  Knowing your competition is the key to success and their units are filling a niche in the market for a blower/vacuum mulcher, however NOT a portable version that isn't gasoline powered.  
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I think that about covers it... Amen! :-)
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For those interested, here is an idea for breaking down leaves using a string trimmer. I tried it and really liked how it worked.