Will 580 Spread Nozzle Fit the 530 Blower?

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Looking at the AN5300 for my 530 blower. But I see the AN5801 for the 580 also.  It has much more spread like I am looking for.  I can only see pics online, clips look the same, but I do not know if the diameter is the same...thus if it would fit correctly.  Anyone know?
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Posted 10 months ago

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Going sort of in reverse, in looking at the AN5300 HD product page in the Q&A it says the AN5300 will fit on the LB5800 so one would think the AN5801 should work on the LB5300. Granted in the Q&A for the AN5801 it says it is only designed for the LB5800. But those questions and replies are from last year.

The beauty is if you were to buy it and it doesn't work out on your 530 cfm blower, it's an easy return at any HD store.
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I have been using an electric (plug in and chord) blowers for years. Which Ego blower (what cfm) would match up to that. I have a .40 acre lot with trees but not a lot) I am leaning towards the 530 cfm but not sure if that is enough. The 575 or 580 cfm gives more power but it also might be too much power. Thoughts?
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With variable speed you don't have to worry about too much power, you can set it right where you need it.  Also, the less power you use the longer the battery lasts.

The 580 has a lower low speed than the 575, which has a pretty good kick on low.  I used to have the 530 and its low was quite a bit less powerful than the 575, which was nice for delicate work around flower beds.  The 580 might be the best of both, with big power wide open and a gentle low speed.  I haven't used it yet, so I can only speculate based on the specs.
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I prefer the 580 over the 530 as the 580 has a variable speed trigger.
The 530 has a variable speed dial and an on/off trigger.
The 580 has a variable speed trigger and a cruise control dial to choose a constant speed.

See below in case I am not explaining well
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I have a 530 Blower, so I cannot comment on the 575 or 580..  And it out performs my previous Stihl blower...which really impressed me.  However, the only downfall is that it eats the battery pretty quick if you use it on high speed...especially if you use the turbo button.  I find the lowest speed works great for moving dirt/leaves from around areas I have mulch and such.  Turbo is great when the going gets tough!
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I have the 575 blower. It's the only leaf blower I've ever owned so I don't know about subtleties between models or styles, but the 575 does exactly what I need it to do which is move leaves, some gravel, etc... I find the lowest speed is fine for my needs and I rarely use full power but when I do, hold on. I'm not sure too much power is a concern meaning it's good to have it when you need it. 

Note that the 575 is discontinued but you might be able to find refurb units for a decent price. Warranty is different on refurb tools so that might be a concern for some.