Which Kits Currently Include The 3rd-Gen Batteries With Upgraded 5-LED Fuel Gauges?

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I'm trying to determine which tool + battery kits currently include the 3rd-gen batteries possessing the updated 5-LED indicator fuel gauges. Specifically, I'm talking about the battery models ending with "T" on the Ego Batteries & Chargers Product pageBA1400T, BA2800T, and BA4200T.

From what I've gathered, the 3rd-gen batteries were announced in late 2018 and became available for purchase independently in early 2019. Some of the newer tool kits now include the updated 3rd-gen batteries, but many others do not.

This uncertainty leaves many current and potential Ego customers — such as myself — wondering what batteries will be included with a given kit, as indicated by the below threads here on the forums:

As further evidence, look no further than the fact that searching for "Fuel Gauge" within the Q&A section of the product listing for any given Ego tool kit on Home Depot's website will return at least one instance of someone asking which version of batteries are included (if they didn't ALL before, every dad-blasted one of them does now... :-)

Although Ego caters to the consumer by offering many of their tools in a host of different configurations and kits, IMO they do their customers a major disservice by omitting any form of product comparison tool or chart that makes identifying the differences between similar but different product offerings simple and intuitive.

As an example, there are currently (7) different chainsaw configurations, (9) unique Push Mower configurations, and (13!!) unique string trimmer configurations available, with no easy way to identify how they differ.

This has caused me to spend an inordinate amount of time poring over product photos, descriptions, manuals, FAQ, and reviews on both the Ego and Home Depot websites to identify and understand what makes each model and configuration unique within each tool type.

Kits Containing 3rd-Gen Batteries
In the course of said research, I identified which kits currently come with the 3rd-gen batteries with upgraded fuel gauges. In the off-chance that others have this same question, below are the only models/configurations I've identified across the entire Ego lineup which include batteries with the upgraded fuel gauges:

  • BAX1501 — 28 Ah Backpack Battery
  • CS1804 — 18" Chainsaw w/ 5.0 Ah Battery
  • LB6003 — 600 CFM Backpack Blower w/ 7.5 Ah Battery
  • MHT2001 — Power Head + 20" Articulating Hedge Trimmer w/2.5 Ah     
  • PST3041 — Power Station w/(4) 5.0 Ah Batteries
  • PST3042 — Power Station w/(2) 7.5 Ah Batteries
  • ST1502SA — Rapid Reload Split-Shaft String Trimmer w/ 2.5 Ah Battery
My findings were based on a combination of Ego product listing photos and descriptions, Ego Customer Support responses in the customer Q&A section of the Home Depot product listings, and empirical evidence.

I recently ordered the BAX1501, CS1804, LB6003, and ST1502SA models for testing purposes and can confirm that they all came with the 3rd-gen batteries possessing upgraded fuel gauges. The date of manufacture for the 2.5, 5.0, and 7.5 Ah batteries was March and May of 2019.

When Will The 3rd-Gen Batteries Come Standard With All Kits?
While the upgraded batteries have been available for independent purchase for some time via Home Depot, buying them independently is cost-prohibitive.

Hence my question to the peanut gallery — when will the newer batteries come standard with all kits, or at least be available in kit form for each tool type?

Consensus on the forums appears to be that Ego will need to clear out their existing inventory of previous-gen batteries before the newer batteries will make a broader appearance across the product line. This makes perfect sense.

However, it appears that this transition may already be taking place across some specific tool types / models. For example, check out the differences in the two responses from the Ego Support Team in the customer Q&A section for the LB6003 on Home Depot's website:

August 8th, 2019

October 10th, 2019

Why I Care
For sake of context, I'm planning to buy into virtually the entire Ego Power+ platform to populate an equipment roster which I will be using for a solo lawn maintenance start-up. Based on my expected use, I consider the upgraded fuel gauges to be essential for the following reasons:

  1. Avoiding unnecessary trips back to the truck to swap batteries caused by starting a job with a previous-gen battery only to find that although it had displayed a green fuel gauge light before starting, it was only just above the 15% threshold required to do so.

  2. Reviewing remaining capacity across entire battery roster for sake of estimating remaining number of jobs / amount of work that can be completed before stopping to recharge.

  3. Determining approximate battery charge levels while on the charger for sake of estimating remaining time until charge completion.

  4. Charging batteries to the ideal 30% threshold recommended by Ego for ideal long-term battery health and longevity during storage.

  5. Obtaining a detailed understanding of the amount of battery capacity consumed by each tool for a given use case scenario, job, or specific situation for sake of future reference.
My initial projections indicate that I'll need approximately 30 Ah of battery capacity. With this in mind, my options appear to be either coupling the 28 Ah Backpack Battery (BAX1501) with all hand tools, purchasing 3-4 of the 3rd-gen 5.0 Ah batteries individually (ouch!!), or buying a half-a-dozen units of CS1804, LB6003, or ST1502SA with the idea being to harvest the included batteries and attempt to re-sell the open-box bare tools w/chargers second-hand.

Although I was planning on purchasing my entire roster of Ego Power+ equipment this fall, I may end up delaying my purchase until spring in the hope that there will be a greater number of kits shipping with the upgraded batteries at that point in time.

I will also be certain to buy the equipment via my Home Depot credit card, which offers cardholders an expansion of the typical 90-day return window all the way up to one year.

I suppose it is also possible that ordering items which show as unavailable or out of stock at my local Home Depot and require shipment from Ego directly may result in a greater chance of receiving kits with the newer-gen batteries.

The Power of Community
Due to the ambiguity in responses to the Home Depot customer Q&A regarding which kits come with upgraded batteries as well as the "constant flux" factor if Ego is in fact simply consuming previous-gen battery inventory before shipping the newer batteries standard, it would be fantastic if we as a community could collectively monitor and report if/when batteries received as parts of kits other than those listed above are received with the newer, third-gen batteries.

To date, has anyone received 3rd-gen batteries with a kit other than the models I've listed above?
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I know the battery backpack could hold one spare battery while you use a battery (not fuel gauge model) in a hand tool. Thinking in case that one battery was on the low side and ran down quickly you'd have a ready backup on your back. 
I do wonder if most, if not all, models will have fuel gauge batteries in their kits come spring.

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Excellent point, Mike. The thought crossed my mind when demoing the Ego equipment over the course of the past week. I have a few personal use cases involving clearing hunting trails and food plot applications for which I would be doing quite a bit of hiking from the truck, and the backpack battery link came to mind as a way to haul a spare battery along with one on the tool.