What are the best practices for battery life?

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There are many discussions on battery life.  Could someone just summarize the best practice for taking care of the battery? 

1.  keep batteries inside a cool place.  Not in a hot garage. (yes or no)
2.  Store battery charged, 1/2 charged, or discharged?
3.  Store battery in or out of charger.

These are the only variables, I can think of,  that owners can control over.  So what are the best practices?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Thanks for your questions. Our answers are in bold below:

1.  Keep batteries inside a cool place. Not in a hot garage. (yes or no)  
Yes. For storage longer than 30 days, it is best to keep the batteries below 80°F (26°C) and free of moisture.

2.  Store battery charged, 1/2 charged, or discharged? 
It is advantageous to store them at a 30%-50% charge level. Fortunately, the EGO Power+ batteries self-regulate and will take themselves to a 30% charge after one month of storage.

3.  Store battery in or out of charger. 
Out of charger
One added “best practice": fully charge the battery pack after 6 months of storage.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can you tell me what are the environmental factors which affect battery life?.

In a previous post you stated that predicted life is hard to determine due to varying environmental factors. Can you tell me what are the environmental factors which affect battery life?
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(Rather then starting a new thread I'll pile on here.)

I'm a new EGO owner about 1 month into my 90 day trial. EGO is new to me but I'm not new to Li-Ion batteries. On my power tools, I charge my batteries 100% when they are depleted on the rapid-charger included with the tools. Some of my batteries are 10+ years old and still going strong.

I want to get the most out of my EGO batteries. I have read that maximum life would be achieved if you:
  1. Store the battery between uses with 30-40% charge level.
  2. Wait until just before using the tool to fully charge the battery.
  3. Better to use standard slow charger instead of rapid charger.

Here are my issues with this:
  1. There is not an indicator on the battery or tool to indicate 30-40% charge level.
  2. This eliminates one of the major conveniences of a battery operated tool needing to wait 30-60 minutes to use it. I usually can't plan the exact day or time I will mow. Many times it's spur of the moment decision.
  3. If I only purchased a mower I would only have a rapid charger. Doesn't it control the temperature well enough as to not "hurt" the battery life?
Overall, if I use a rapid charger, charge after each use, and the battery sits with a full charge for say 3-7 days how much life am I giving up?


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I do not think there is an answer to your question.  The recommendations are on point but practicality often trumps "best" practices.  As you stated you have a good history with LI-Ion batteries using them in a practical manner, so you should do as well or better with Ego.

As you state the charger and batteries have heat management systems.
The battery alos has a built in discharge feature that will drop the battery to 30% charge after 30 days of non use.

So use your batteries, don't abuse them and you should be fine.  If you can incorporate some of the recommendations into your use great - if not you probably will not notice a difference and will be happier having a battery ready to use when you want it rather than waiting for it to charge.

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Thanks @szwoopp. Should have also mentioned I bought the mower first then with the HD sale purchased the string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and blower. Overall, I'm enjoying the difference from gas to battery more on the latter three purchases than from the mower. Maybe because the noise, raw gas smell & exhaust are much more pronounced on these hand tools.

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I just have a 21" SP mower and I have been happy with it.  You will likely get differing opinions on the batteries, but this is mine after reading many of the posts on this board.  Some great info and suggestions from some smart folks.  But, you have to do what works for you and your garage full of tools.
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As with most things there's usually a better way. As with most things there's usually a point of diminishing returns.

The baked-in Ego solutions are, for sure, the 95% solution for the vast majority. A few nerds, like me, who refuse to be practical and insist on over complicating absolutely everything, will spend valuable time worrying about things like this.

Most people should just use the tools and enjoy life. :-)