What should I get: Back pack, 580 or 575 blower.

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All three blowers have a kit, 5 amp battery and charger. The back pack and 580 are $300, but the 575 is $350. The only advantage to the 575 that I can see is it does not have a turbo button to deal with, because it has a variable speed. The 575 and 580 seem to be more versatile, but could be heavy and hard to control. The only downfall I see to the back pack is it wont get into tight places like a hand held and it will take some time and effort to put it on. I keep seeing where the use time on the back pack is limited or is everyone always on high speed?
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Posted 1 year ago

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If I had to choose one tool, it would likely be the 580 handheld. I have the 575 and it’s awesome, but the 580 has a lower low speed which would make it better for detail work around flower beds etc.

The Turbo button doesn’t concern me, in fact I like the idea since high speed will be enough to do most jobs anyway.

The backpack blower would be my preference if I was doing larger jobs 20-30 min or more, the thrust from the handheld models can be tiring after a while.
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if you have a very small area to clear, the 575 will probably be a good choice .. with a 5 amp battery on full power expect in the area of 15 mins. run time. i have (2) 5 amp batteries and there just wasn't enough run time to do my yard .. i wound up buying a husqvarna 365bt backpack (which i should have done to begin with) and i can now run all afternoon with it's very powerful airflow picking up even heavy wet leaves. "you get old too quick & smart too late" as my dad always said.
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Thomas, how big is your yard? It will help to know. :-)
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You have the 575 and the 365bt?  The 575 claims more cfm, but the 365bt claims higher speed.  How do you find they compare in POWER.  I presume the 365bt wins, but by a bit, double?
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I previously owned the 575 CFM and recently got the 580. I prefer the 580 for the reasons Blue mentioned. I do think it's noticeably louder, though.

I prefer the handheld blower over having to strap on the backpack blower every time I want to use it.
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That helps me quite a bit since I prefer the quiet.  I'm guessing that the 575 has a better EDF.  I'll still at some point get the 580 when it comes out as a tool only, but given the 575's 0-full power cruise control and lower noise, I'm probably going to stick with it.  I would like to see that as a tool only as well.  I can make a push blower out of several 575s.
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What blue said.. I have the 575 and 580, rarely use the 580.  So that says something.  Handheld, powerful, and gets the freaking job done!!!
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I couldn't agree more with Ken, the 580 design of the throttle knob and turbo button (like the older 530) are good reasons for the 580.  The only slight benefit of the 575 kit was the inclusion of the shoulder strap, but I just purchased that separately for days that I use it longer than just one battery charge of the 5Ah battery.
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I want to thank everyone for their input on this topic. I have decided to get a 580 and it is being delivered to my local Home Depot next week. Can't wait. By the way my new ego self-propelled 21in mower kicked butt today. It was the first time I used it
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This is a great discussion and it helped me make my decision - I’m getting a 580 AND a backpack. I’ll try both and just keep the one that I like the best.


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Just got my 530 yesterday and immediately charged it. So far....Love it. Much better than dealing with gas back pack blower. Immediate satisfaction and done!. How long does the power last? Glad to find out. We will see.
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Bud it all depends on what speed you are using and how often and long you are hitting the turbo button.
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I had the older 530 blower, it worked well, but the kit had a 2.5Ah battery and the 580 blower kit has a 5.0Ah battery.  Plus, the 580 had variable speed trigger and, personally, I like the separate turbo button.  When clearing LOTS of leaves, I can do about 1/2 to 3/4s of the job without turbo, but then use turbo when the pile of leaves is rather significant.

I've never had the backpack style blower, but if you just want to grab it and use it for a couple minutes to clear the driveway, deck, etc, it seems like it would be a pain to strap on a backpack blower.   That said, I have used the 530 blower for about 1 hour straight and didn't feel that it was too heavy.  Sure, I noticed the weight, but it works so well, I am fine putting up with the weight.
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I’ve got both and use them both for differing jobs. The back pack blower is light and fits in more places than the Stihl blower I have too. Because the motor is in the handle/hose it’s less cumbersome
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The handle on the EGO backpack blower causes me wrist pain because it is large and the controls cumbersome.  Also the strapping system is relentless.  I cut off some of the straps and use velcro to hold the throttle.  That way I can use it with no pain.  I love it, but once again engineers design what THEY think we need, not what we like.
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We use the backplack blower with a 7.5 battery (came with a 5 ah).
We get roughly 25 minutes on high with occasional turbo boosts. Great tool. Light. Comfortable. Best option out there for an electric blower in my opinion.
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Either the 575 or the 580 over the backpack. Less space used for storage in your garage/shop, and the ability to hold the non-backpack blower in both handles for detail work is great. 
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Hi.  Bud and I swapped posts in another thread about the backpack blower, but I like this one better because if focuses on the dichotomy: Is a handheld or a backpack better for my (your) needs?

Currently I have a Stihl BR600 backpack and a Toro corded electric that I use for blowing out the garage, cleaning off the driveway and cul-de-sac, and cleaning it the plant beds.   We have a few small deciduous trees and an 80+ foot tall Maple (leaves the size of dinner plates).  But the huge problem is a large number of evergreens including several large Cedar trees, a bunch of spruce trees, and a 165 foot Douglas-Fir.      When we get a wind storm, it looks like a bomb hit this place - leaves, needles, and twigs everywhere!   And Fall cleanup is a major hassle for us.

The Stihl and Toro do a decent job, but each has hassles and limitations.   Starting and putting on the Stihl backpack typically screws up my back, and it weighs 24.5 lbs with a full tank of gas.   The Toro’s cord makes it a major hassle to use in the cul-de-sac, and around the trees and bushes.  And, it has limited CFM.   

At this point, I’m torn between the EGO 580 CFM handheld and the backpack. While I don't expect either to match my Stihl performance(238 mph and 670 CFM), I think either EGO blower will meet most of my needs.   

My take on the two EGOs: 

  • Pluses for the handheld - Somewhat higher airspeed vs the backpack and potentially easier handling in tight spaces for detail work.  Another plus is that it's easier to store than the backpack.  Finally, it's lighter than the backpack by something like 5 lbs (I think this is correct).
  • Pluses for the backpack - Somewhat higher CFM vs the 580 handheld.   It's POTENTIALLY easier to hold because the backpack takes the weight whereas the 580 handheld's is all in your hand.  Since I have the 7.5 Ah battery from my Ego lawnmower, the backpack only price is $93 cheaper than the handheld with charger and 5.0 Ah battery.
One interesting accessory for the hand held is the EGO POWER+ BACKPACK LINK: https://egopowerplus.com/products/ego-power-backpack-link.   The battery goes on your back and reduces the weight of handheld unit.   Initially I thought this would be a great option until I realized that, unlike the backpack's harness, the Link's harness does not have a waist belt.  So all of the battery + backpack link's weight is on your back - about 7.5 to 8.0 lbs.   However, the backpack link plus 580 handheld HAND weight should be about 6.7 to 7.0 lbs.

For me, the options look like buying: 
  1. 580 handheld, battery and charger ($299 at HD) 
  2. 580 handheld + backpack link ($448 at HD)
  3. Backpack only, NO battery or charger ($206.61 at HD)
  4. 580 handheld AND backpack only ($505.61 at HD)
While the last option may seem strange, the 580 handheld + backpack is only $58 more than the 580 handheld + backpack link.   That seems like a relatively negligible cost difference.   

The only advantage that I can see with buying option 2 is that the backpack link can be used with other EGO tools.   That said, I'm not sure if that benefit is a good enough reason to buy the backpack link.

The only other concern that I have is the user controls.   I don't understand why EGO changes their controls constantly.   It seem simple to me to have a single VARIABLE trigger.   I.e. pull a little bit equals low air speed; pull hard equals high air speed.   QUESTION: which trigger control works best for variable air flow - 580 handheld or backpack? 

Thanks and regards,


P.s. I'm leaning slightly towards the 580 handheld, battery and charger as an initial buy and then adding the backpack.   Or maybe buying both initially and then sending one of them back if I don't like it.  Any thoughts?   
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You are correct on the controls.  They are Bi-Polar.  lol.  The design needs to happen with end users, not engineers  :)
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I got both blowers today and used my 7.5 amp battery on them.

I did NOT like the backpack. Too cumbersome and heavy. I’m returning it.

The 580 handheld worked much better for my needs. Pretty heavy with the 7.5 amp battery, but doable with the strap. I also tried it with the 2.5 amp battery. Much better. With 2.0, 2.5, 5.0, and 7.5 amp batteries, it should be easy to match the battery to the job.


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Thanks for the feedback, Dan!
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I have the backpack and the 575. For me, just putting on the backpack without clipping it is not that time consuming. The bulkiness is in the storage- much larger and “sticks out” that I’m mindful of scraping the car when getting it out of the garage. Also much larger if transporting. But the backpack is so much more comfortable for extended use tho, just like my gas backpack, and I don’t find it awkward or too large when using it. The handheld is great for quick hard surface cleanup like the driveway and walk. With either blower I would recommend two 5ah batteries if you have leaf removal or other extended tasks, otherwise you simply won’t finish as the blower will exhaust one battery quickly. I can’t really finish any task with the 2ah battery- that’s better on the trimmer with intermittent use. I mention this as a recommendation to buy either blower as a kit with a larger 2nd battery. My first day removing leaves went great until the battery died in less than 10 mins, about 1/4 of the lawn. I bought the backpack with the 7.5ah battery and don’t regret.