What leaf blower would you buy in this situation?

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I have currently have (3) 5Ah batteries, two with more and one with combo tool.  I am now wanting to add an blower.  I can add a blower and wanting to spend under $200.  The two older / lower power models come with 2.0 and 2.5Ah batteries.  I am coming from a Ryobi 18V blower, so similar MPH but only 180 CFM (works but at times is underpowered) vs any of the EGO line which are much higher.  

480CFM no battery $99
480CFM with 2.0Ah for $136 on sale
530CFM with 2.5Ah for $179 on sale
575CFM no battery for $149

It am leaning toward the 530 with the 2.4Ah battery because hey, who can't use another battery OR just going with the 480CFM with no battery and use the $$ for another tool in the future :)!

Anyone use the 480CVM and how do you like it?  I am not clearing large amount of leaves, mostly blowing out garage, drive way and sidewalks after edging, and some leaves out of my mulch beds.  

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Posted 2 years ago

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I got the 530 with the 2.5 when it was on sale last year and it has been great.  My use is very similar to what you are describing.  Using it for quick clean up jobs the battery last pretty long for me.  Biggest key is to use the turbo in bursts rather than constant.  I have the guage set on half power most of the time.
Very happy with it.
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530 is the way to go...............
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I would concurred with Szwoopp here that a 530 CFM is your best bet.  It is a SOLID leaf blower that will gives you plenty of power for many seasons.  Let us know your final decision ... :-)
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I have the 480 CFM leaf blower and it has been more than sufficient for the work that you described plus it also moves a huge amount of leaves and clears all the leaves off the end of our dead end street.  You will be surprised how long the 2 AH battery lasts when fully charged.  I clear the porch, steps, 100' driveway and along the curb in the street and it is still going.  The advantage of the blower it has variable speeds and I do not always use the turbo setting except when there are a lot of acorns on the driveway or a lot of leaves to move or I have to clear acorns and branches from the "turn around" by the garage.  You can use any EGO battery in the blower, as you know and it is almost always an advantage to buy the equipment with batteries, especially when they are on sale.  If the you price the battery along, you will see the advantage of buying the equipment with the batteries. 
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Thanks for all of the replies!  It sounds like it's either the 480 CFM no battery, or if I want maximize batteries on hand, get the 530 CFM with the 2.5Ah battery.   The battery is $144 at home depot or $130 on Amazon, so about a $65 improvement over just buying a battery later if I ever needed one.  Most of the additional tools I will buy will probably be used with the combo tool, so I will probably get the one with the extra battery.   Thanks
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I have 480CFM for the past 5 years with no problems. You must always blow dry leaves, this is true with any blower. Never expect performance on wet leaves! I work 5 days a week and blow my lawn starting now at least 3 times per week. My driveway is 140 yards.
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Longass driveway.....

530CFM with 2.5Ah for $179 on sale
575CFM no battery for $149

Is that a typo on model number?  But a battery for $30??  Oh hell yes

I have the older blower, but it's adequate for Suzie Homemaker tool usage.  Tho the turbo button is stuck down.....gonna have to try some WD or something on it.
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The 575 has more power but has less finesse as its lowest speed is quite a bit higher than the 530. Overall the 530 is a great tool.

I have not tried the 580, but the run time specifications suggest it has a nice low speed like the 530 with as much or more power than the 575. It’s probably Ego’s ultimate handheld, but price is always a factor. The 530 with 2.5Ah battery is only $10 more and that’s tough to beat.

In my opinion, the choice should be between the 530 and 580. You already have 5Ah batteries so you’re covered, though the 2.5 makes for a nice light tool. Decisions decisions... :-)
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I have a 530 as well. I have a giant maple in my front yard, 3 large cherry blossoms, big roto's, a gorgeous f#$ing wisteria that never quits sheading stuff, and several hundred + foot fir trees that shed needles and cones all year. Since I bought the 530 in 2017x it sits outside my back door and I use it almost daily blowing the patio, courtyard, driveway, pathways, a gravel bed (turbo saves the day on that one), lawn in the fall and my mulched beds. It works like a charm, highly recommend it. I paid $298 for the kit at HD in Canada. Sounds like $179USD with a 2.5 is a great deal.