The story of buying a lawn mower and few suggestions to make it better for future customers.

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Warning this is a long story intended to entertain with only a few suggestions at the end. Read at your own discretion. Also I apologize for any and all spelling, grammar and writing errors. Now onto the story.

Saturday June 4th, move into a new home that has a much larger yard (1/2 acre) than my previous yard (<1/8 acre). I have a cheap Worx electric lawn mower that could barely finish my previous yard and that I have had the battery rebuilt twice within the last three years. I know I need a new lawn mower for my new yard. Off to the internet I go to research lawn mowers. I decide that I want to stick with electric so I don't have to worry about oil, ethanol free gasoline and proper storage during the winter months. I decided I was going to spend the money and get a top quality lawn mower that will last. Ultimately I decide to go with the Ego 56V 21" self-propelled lawn mower.

Thursday June 9th, off to Home Depot I go to buy my new lawn mower.  Find the lawn mower and see the sign says $599. I grab the box under the sign and head to check out. At check out my lawn mower rings up at $499 + tax.  What good luck I am having the lawn mower must have been on sale.  I get home and start opening the box like a gift on Christmas morning. I take my freshly charged battery pop it in the mower and quickly realize my mistake when I am trying to figure out how to control the speed for the mower. I had bought the push version and not the self-propelled version. O well my mistake, I am 31 years old in good shape I can use a push mower every week to mow my yard.

Friday June 10th, get home from work at 4:00 PM, its 93°, 77% humidity, not a cloud in the sky and the air quality is horrible; what a perfect time to mow my new larger yard. I start to mow and think to myself this will be a piece of cake because I am a healthy young 31 your old guy who used to do CrossFit.  I finish mowing the yard and drag my new lawnmower back to the garage at a pace a sloth would think was slow. I walk in the house and down two glasses of water as my wife ask how the new lawnmower was, I grunt in response as I head upstairs to take a long cold shower. As an upside I find out my new shower is large enough to accommodate taking showers lying down. During my shower I reflect on reality and realize that I am 31 your old guy who did CrossFit for a short time 3 years ago before he had two children and got a new job sitting behind a computer all day long. I get out of the shower dry off and realize I am still sweating. I need the self-propelled lawn mower.

Saturday June 11th, go to Home Depot see if they will accept a return on a one time used lawn mower. To my surprise and delight they say yes. Head back home to clean and pack up the lawn mower for return. Go back to Home Depot return the lawn mower and go looking for the self-propelled version. I can’t find the self-propelled lawn mower so I ask for help. I am informed they are sold out and are on back order. I am told that they are expecting a shipment on Tuesday June 14th.

Tuesday June 14th, I call Home Depot to see if they got the self-propelled lawn mower in. Nope. Decide I will order online from Home Depot’s website and be done with it.  Order placed.

Thursday June 16th, Receive email from Home Depot, “Your lawn mower will arrive at your house on Wednesday June 22nd. Ok a little longer than I expect but it will be worth the wait.

Friday June 17th, “Your package has departed Ontario Canada” Huh Canada cool.     

June 18th – 21st no change

Wednesday June 22nd, Starting to get nervous, I have not seen any progress on my package since the 17th. I get online to check the tracking status and see that my delivery date has been moved to the 23rd.  That’s annoying but no big deal.

Thursday June 23rd, I sit at work refreshing tracking information every 5 minutes. At 2:00 see that my package has been delivered. I arrive at home and open up the box again like a Christmas present. I start digging for the battery so I can charge it during dinner and mow afterwards. I can’t find the battery or the charger. I start to think maybe it fell out, got stolen or I bought the wrong thing again! About to go inside the house and cry when I notice a pink sticker on the outside of the box that reads something along the lines of “Battery and charger shipped separately. May arrive several days after the lawn mower” WTF! Why?!?! Call Home Depot and representative says “That is strange. I have never heard about that. I will call EGO and get this sorted out”. I get put on hold for 30 seconds and I am told “Ego is closed they are open from 9 – 5. Call us tomorrow at 9:30 and we will try again.” Sigh.... OK. I do some research online to find some answers. I find the Ego forums and start to get some information on why the battery is shipped separately which apparently has to do with weight limits on items shipped. I also see a post about Ego’s customer service and there hours of operation. I realize the Home Depot representative gave me bad information and Ego’s customer support is still open. I call Ego up sit on hold for 25 minutes before finally talking to someone. So first I have to apologize to the poor gentleman who I spoke with on the phone I was very aggravated and frustrated at the time and was not nearly as cordial as I should have been so if you see this I am sorry and respect you for doing your best in a thankless job. Any ways during the call I explain that I need to know when the battery is going to arrive because I am leaving the next day to go on vacation and will be gone for a week. I really don’t want to leave a $379 battery on my front porch for a week and hope it does not get stolen or rained on. The Ego representative suggests I get a neighbor to hold the battery for me when it arrives. Now this is a good Idea but I just moved to this house and don’t know my neighbors real well yet. So he says he can get me a tracking number but he has to ask the warehouse for it and that it will take 2-3 business days. I then asked how long it typically takes for the battery to show up after the lawn mower. The answer was 2-3 days which makes the tracking number pointless. After realizing I was not going to get a solution on the phone I hung up and went to go meet my neighbors. Turns out they are missionaries who just returned from India and really nice. So I guess I can trust missionaries with my battery while I am gone and if not I at least know where the live.

So on to suggestions for Ego.

1.       Ship the lawn mower and battery at the same time so that they will arrive at the same time. (I don’t understand why the battery arrives 2-3 days later as it is now.)

2.       If the above is not possible make sure you provide a tracking number for all the packages expected and don’t make the customer jump through hoops to get it.

3.       Also make it very clear to the costumer at the time of ordering that it will be coming in multiple packages and arriving at different times.

P.S. I loved the Ego push mower and expect to love the self-propelled version even more when I get all of the parts.

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Posted 4 years ago

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ah, why did you return the mower BEFORE you received a replacement mower?
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Because I needed the money from the returned mower to buy the self propelled mower.
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I have the "push" 20" model now 3 years.  Same size yard. Love it but live in cooler area apparently.  I hope you love yours when it comes.  I have one 4 Ah battery running 15" trimmer and blower.  I may have lower standards than many on this blog, but it seems problems proliferated when the 21" (poor mulching) SP model was introduced.  I'm still loving my set-up.
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Interesting. l use my Amex for everything so I don't think of having to return something prior to ordering a replacement.  It all comes out in the wash, so to speak.
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Dave, I think what bs is trying to say is he returned the  mower he didn't like to Home Depot and would pick up the new one at the same time. He couldn't as they were out of stock. He sounds like me, not wanting to have several charges for the same thing on his card at the same time. I will usually wait until the credit appears before adding another charge for another mower. Sometimes these people can get confused if you have more than one charge at a time for the same thing.

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Purchases and credits accrue for every credit card account for a month, so chances are you aren't going to actually have to pay the monthly bill prior to most credits being posted.  If a credit posts prior to an autopayment, the credit is subtracted from the actual amount your checking account will be debited.  In other words, the amount you pay can be less than the original credit card monthly statement.   That happens to me frequently. 
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If the battery and charger are going to ship separately from the mower there has to be better communication from the shipper, with proper tracking numbers provided, and there has to be a way to make sure they arrive closer together. For god's sake, it's 2016. E-commerce isn't new.
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The shipping restrictions on lithium batteries have taken some shippers by surprise. Home Depot looks to be lacking proper support for shipping and tracking multiple packages under one sales receipt. The personal in the shipping depart can also learn how to use a tape gun!
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May i just laugh... haha. Im 33. And this is what i mow with the 20" mower. Never did cross fit. But i have done this for, well, this is the 3rd year.
Im not laughing at you bsblack85. Im laughing at myself. I SERIOUSLY NEED A SELF PROPELLED MOWER.

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