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I've noticed now many times I get an email with a negative comment or comments about Ego, I click the link and it's not there.

Finally I think I figured out that yes, negative posts, with no obscenities or anything, are indeed being disappearing.  We do get to read them still you know, just not answer them because they go poof when you click in.  We neither get to answer in defense or otherwise of Ego, cuz they're gone gone gone

Which makes it just a fanboy forum.  Now I am a total Ego fan, have most of the products now, and love it, was JUST NOW out mowing my lawn that didn't need mowing.

Buttttt - I'm not so sure I want to be a fanboy if and since negative posts are disappearing like they are.

Am I the only one who's noticed this?  Best answer quick before this one disappears.

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Posted 2 years ago

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i notice this as well.  I have 4 ego products and have not had a single issue with any of them (knock on wood), but I must admit I am amazed at the number of complaints, or faulty equipment.  Maybe its just because the people with issue post here, so we only see the issues.

Also, I am amazed at how slow customer service is, I get more email complaints in my inbox about customer service than any other product I am signed dup for on blogs.  Glad i haven't had to use them yet.

I just clicked on an post that was recounting a discussion with someone on customer service that told the customer to just take back broken equipment for a return to Home Depot.   When I clicked on it to see what others thought, there was no link or connection, indicating it has been nuked..  This does happen often..........
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This policy was announced on the forum. Negative comments are not removed. However this is supposed to be a helpful forum. So outright complaints mainly about customer service are removed. We can offer no help to these posts, some of them are completely false, and most people find them annoying.

The complaints if legitimate are handled. So they are not ignored.
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What’s happening is a result of the issues they’ve had with their customer service phone lines and callback system. When a customer comes on to the board complaining that they haven’t been able to reach customer service or that they have not gotten a call back, their post is not deleted but it is marked private so they can exchange contact information without exposing it to the internet.

This was done to try to mitigate the issues they’ve been having with their IT systems. As far as I know, it is a temporary measure and things will go back to normal once their systems are back up to 100% and able to properly handle the call volume.

As per the announcement szwoopp linked to above, complaints about customer service in unrelated threads are going to be removed in order to keep the conversations clean and on track. Conversations started about customer service are the ones that will be made private so information can be shared.
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I’ve seen specific posts disappear. Like the ones about their new dual battery lawnmower right before it was released.

Most recently I seen the one with pictures about the lawnmower disappear.
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The dual battery mower was a poorly kept secret, and if I might add, a lame attempt to keep it hidden once it leaked... none of the retailers pulled it from their sites and some old dude unboxed one on YouTube weeks before the release.  LOL  Then the posts here started disappearing.  :-\

I'm guessing the mower was made private to gather info as well?  I dunno, I just tried looking for it and couldn't find it either.  It had a weird title though, something unrelated like "Same mower model as mine", or something like that IIRC.
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Your right I made a mention about how you don't get shoulder straps and you get a note in the mower box about if you want the side discharge you have to register.Basically a bad add campaign and now I cant comment on any new comments. I figured they would pull the pic of the lawnmower so I did a screen grab and saved it for a rainy day. I love the EGO stuff so I don't care either way but EGO should let people comment since we had no choice but to come here to register.
 I never register anything for that reason and if needs be I will scream and holler at HD any time I want and they will always give me at least a store credit.
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They could have made it private to get more information, I suppose we don’t know that unless the user posts here again. With social media these days I figure the company is going to heavily moderate their forums. It’s theirs to do what they want.
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Official Response
Were we to address anything other than this incredible attention to detail, we would be remiss. Thank you all for taking so much time from your day to share your thoughts. It's feedback like this that makes the EGO Community such an unrivaled source of innovation! 

To anyone who is concerned that we're deleting material, we're so sorry you've found this to be a negative development. On the contrary, once you have all the facts, you'll see that this couldn't be more positive. To be crystal clear:


We've actually been helping more Community users than ever! Just in case you missed it, we made an announcement about this here

The reason you're receiving notifications, but unable to see posts is because by the time you click the links, the matter has already been addressed. We've simply made these posts private in order to better help our users. Just like you, we're always game for following a juicy story, but protecting our users' privacy trumps the need for scuttlebutt. Furthermore, as you may have noticed, we have many new members who join the Community solely to receive help with a problem. Very few of them post a follow-up or remain active once their issue is resolved. We hope you'll respect their decision to do so, just as we do. 

We're here to help and request that you allow us to do so without assuming the worst. Now that this matter has been laid to rest, we are closing the conversation so we can get back to tool talk. Thank you again for all of your time and effort!

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