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The dumbest trimmer I've ever seen... I got one hoping to go with a battery powered unit instead of the standard 2-cycle gas engine. THE TRIMMER SPINS THE WRONG WAY! It completely changes what you can do with it.... it would be 1000 times better if you just made the damn thing spin counter clockwise.... Who ever designed this thing never actually spent any time cutting grass. Back to the Echo for me. :(
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Simon Lara

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Posted 5 years ago

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For right handed people, a counter clockwise spinning trimmer throws all the cuttings at your feet and legs. I prefer a clockwise spinning trimmer. I could see a left handed person preferring the opposite.

What is it in particular you can't do with your trimmer if it spins the "wrong" way?
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David Cline

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This is a very interesting observation, and one that I've never heard mentioned on this (or any other) string trimmer! 

My current gas-powered string trimmer is a 30cc 4 cycle model, and it seemed to take a long time for me to adjust to it from the one we owned previously.  I only recently realized that they spin in opposite directions.  The cheap 2 cycle one that broke was the first I'd ever owned, and it spun clockwise, strings (and debris) coming towards you from the right side and away on the left.  The much more expensive 4 cycle model is the opposite, with any left side cutting sending debris toward my legs, but the right side sending them away.

The only disadvantage to the string coming toward you on the left is that the screw holding the spindle on is counter-threaded and has to be rotated the opposite from most to tighten/loosen.  If you forget when attempting to loosen a tight bolt to replace the string, you can spend hours trying as hard as you can to turn it the direction that only further tightens the screw!

Ego definitely isn't the only one on the market that rotates the way it does (whichever direction that is), and I don't think I've seen any competing models that offer a choice of one direction or the other.  I am curious now if there is any standard or if trimmers from certain brands all rotate one way or the other. 

I think I could use either now, but it took several months to adjust to the different rotation. 
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Official Response
Hi Simon.  As you can see from the other comments, this seems to be a matter of personal preference. We’re sorry that our design does not suit your preference. Please know that your comment will be passed along to our product development team.
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years ago I cut grass professionally. I wanted to try this model for my own home use. I have used a lot of professional grade trimmers:  Toro 3500, Echo 2100, Echo 2400, Robin NB251 and even the cheaper Poulan models all spun counter clockwise.  Pro's do not use the safety guards and neither do I (I know this isn't recommended but I can sign my name in the grass with a Echo 2100 and no guard) We don't use guards b/c we can see where the tip of the string meets the grass and manicure the lawn with detail and precision.  The direction of the spin is such that our right hand is on the trigger, engine under right elbow and the head is to the left of our body, support hand is holding the handle just the left of our left thigh.  When using it as a vertical edger, hold it the same way but flip to it's right side so that our thumb is on the trigger and the line is vertical (then we walk backwards) and draw our edge line or curves as needed.  In both of these positions the counterclockwise head spins the debri not only away from our body but away from the direction of the area we about to trim!  Why build up debris in the area you are trimming?  If the direction is no matter to most people and only "personal" preference then I'd suggest you change it to match the rest of the high-end trimmers (they all, and I mean ALL spin that way for a reason).
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Maybe that is a standard for commercial brands, but I would say it is about 50--50 for consumer grade models. If anything, clockwise is probably more common.

Ironically, when I just googled this, most of the results were commercial operators looking for clockwise straight-shaft trimmers. CCW requires either using a left-handed grip or walking backwards. I have gotten used to walking backwards with my current CCW model, but would much prefer my next trimmer to have a clockwise rotation.

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