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The string trimmer handle (ST1502S) is very uncomfortable for me. 

The manual does not tell you how to orient the handle around the shaft.  The drawing seems to suggest installing it with the "V" part of the handle in the 12:00 position.  However, that "V" curvature is too tight for my hand.  It is very uncomfortable to hold the trimmer with the handle installed in this orientation since most of the weight of the trimmer is concentrated at that point when being held. 

My recommendation is to open up the "V" so that it doesn't hurt my hand/isn't uncomfortable when holding the trimmer.

Related, if you are not going to redesign the handle, the manual should be revised to describe the recommended orientation so that everyone with large hands can comfortably hold/support the trimmer at the flatter part of the handle.  It is not obvious (to me, a right-handed user) whether it is better to point the handle at 9:00 or at 3:00 (or somewhere in between).

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Posted 2 years ago

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You can pretty much adjust the handle to however it's comfortable for you. It is, after all, designed to be adjustable.

As the manual shows in the illustration, you don't hold the trimmer with your hand in the V, you hold the side of the handle. It's ambidextrous so you can hold the trimmer from either side. Loosen the screws and adjust the handle to wherever your hand feels most natural, then tighten it back up again.
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It seems like I would have more flexibility to turn the trimmer left or right if I could mount the handle in the "straight up" position.  To make it comfortable for me, I would have to rotate it one way or the other, which would mean that I would run out of handle quickly if I wanted to turn the trimmer head in the other direction--I would gain comfort at the expense of flexibility. 

Why does it have to have that uncomfortably narrow "V" in the center?  I have used many other pieces of equipment with similar style handles that did not have a "V" and they were much more comfortable to use.  To me, it is a poor design.  I can see no reason for it. 

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Mark - I have this trimmer and have gotten use to the handle, but, I googled "string trimmer ego" and looked at the images and the UK version has an elongated "U" shape that I think you suggest.
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In thinking further about Ken's comment I realized that if I used the strap, then I could and probably would grasp the handle on the side since I would only be using my left hand  to guide the head back and forth.  In this situation, the design of the handle would make sense. 

However, without the strap it would take a lot more effort and strength to support the weight of the trimmer by grasping the handle off to the side. 

The natural place to support the weight is from directly above, which puts your hand right in the crook of the "V".  Placed there, the weight pulls directly down, and doesn't try to twist the handle out of your grasp, as it does if you hold the handle off to the side.

I wonder if I could order the English piece.

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The strap is the way to go. The weight is distributed nire evenly. I love my trimmer and prefer the design of other handles...particularly the Ryobi trimmer. I like the feel of the padding and it's adjustability.