String trimmer 1501 vs 1502, differences and which is good for short person?

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Since I am short, my lawn equip guy told me to buy a curved string trimmer. Do you guys have any? Or would you recommend the st1501 instead of the st1502. Which one would be good for me and what are the differences in these models (1501 1502). 
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The Ego line up of trimmers is a little confusing.  You have the older models with the traditional bump head (green button on the bottom of the head) which are usually denoted with an S suffix  (for instance the ST1501-S).  The newer rapid refill head are usually denoted with an F suffix  (for instance the ST1502-F).  Then there are the hinged shaft trimmers.  The only reason for the hinge is to be able to ship and stock the trimmers in a shorter box.  Once the hinge is assembled, the trimmer is the same as the non-hinged models.  (For instance the ST 1502-SF which is on sale now at Home Depot for $149 for the kit...trimmer, 2.5aH battery, and standard charger).  Generally the last digit in the model number,  ST150_ is a kit designator, you may get no battery and charger, or different sized batteries.  

Then there is the new power head system.  This is a battery pack and motor in the rear section, and various interchangeable tools in the front section such as a trimmer, edger, and pole saw.  If you have a need for the other tools, the power head may be the way to go.   But I rather imagine that it is heavier and a bit more cumbersome to handle.  I have no interest in the power head myself but other members here are quite pleased about it.  

Do note that there is a bit of Egomania on this site.  Nothing wrong with that, but it should be factored in.      

I am 5-11 and I prefer a curved shaft trimmer as well, but to the best of my knowledge Ego only makes straight shaft trimmers.  That said, I love my ST1502-SF (the one on sale) and while it does not have a curved shaft, it also doesn't have a gas tank or 200 feet of extension cord.  The only Ego tool I like better is my chain saw, probably because I only need to use it once in blue moon.  It is a really cool chain saw.  The trimmer, yeah its cool too but I have to use it more often.  Laziness is the hall mark of my lawn care.  And I am finding Ego feeds my laziness well.  No cords to pull, chokes to fiddle with, extension cords to string.  But all that said, it is still mowing and weed whacking.  

Sitting in a traffic jam in a Lexus may be more pleasant than sitting in a Corolla, but it is still sitting in a traffic jam.   

The complete line of Ego trimmers is here:

Be careful though, the model designations are confusing.  Make sure you are getting what you want, but also if you buy at Home Depot you got a 90 day return policy so a mistake does not have to be live with.   
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PLD, to add to Egocentric's great summary, most Home Depot locations will have an Ego string trimmer on display. Your best bet might be just to hear lid it for yourself and see how it feels. Be sure you get an employee to help so you can adjust the handle to your liking.

Ego's trimmer is not small by any means, but i wouldn't rule it out without giving it a try.
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"hear lid"? What the heck? Spell check got the better of me there, doh!
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I came across your question after searching for a short trimmer. I'm not even kidding when I share this pic I just found as an example of the sized trimmer I am needing. I already have a slew of Ego tools/batteries so I'm actually thinking of buying the new power head unit & trying to modify the trimmer shaft attachment way down to this size.