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String cutting off and feeding only on one side
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If I understand you correctly you are using the trimmer and cut through one side of line and the other side remains uncut.

If this is true you can hold down the cutting trigger and gently tap the trimmer head on the ground to release more line. You must be sure to start and stop holding the trigger while tapping repeatedly. On some models you may have to start and stop while tapping the head up to 10-15 times. Once complete the rest of the line should come out and you should now have two equal pieces of line on both sides of the trimmer.

If this fails and the line refuses to come out on the one side, then you must:

1). take the trimmer head off, by squeezing the two tabs on the side and then pulling the head cap off.

2). Once off, pull the string completely out of the head.

3). Put the cap back on.

4). Line up the "load" marking lines on the top of the cap with the lines on the side of the cap.

5). cut the ends of your line off on both ends with a knife so they will feed more easily into the holes on the side of the trimmer head.

6). Feed the trimmer line back through one hole and out the other. (Make sure the load lines are perfectly lined up or you will not be able to get the trimmer line all the way in one hole and out the other.

7). Once the trimmer line is through (in one hole and out the other), pull the line out on both sides, so there is an equal amount of line.

8) push down on the cap with your hand while twisting it counter-clockwise. Do this repeatedly and you will start to see the line sticking out on each side start to shorten, as it retracts back into the trimmer head as it's winding. Continue shortening the line until it is just long enough to hit the trimmer blade. Then you are ready to start trimming again.

9) Drink a beer or do a shot because this work takes patience with a pinch of stubborn. :)