Storage on the snowblower.

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The manual says store the snowblower out of the elements. Do you think it's OK to store the snowblower under my porch outdoors? (I’ll store the batteries inside) I live in Vermont and light rain and snow get through the lattice under the porch. Temps get below 0 F at times. Suggestions?
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The light rain shouldn't be an issue, but 0 degrees F might take a toll after a while. The manual (below) only puts conditions on the batteries, and the critical/sensitive components would be the lithium cells and the electronic circuits.  Since the snow blower has electronic circuits and wires too; exposing them to freezing temperatures can only shorten their lifespan.

Recommendation: If you can afford the space, I would store the snow blower indoors, or inside your garage.

STORING THE SNOW BLOWERNOTE: When not in use, a 56V battery should be stored in an enclosed area where
the temperature will not drop below -4°F (-20°C).
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To me that statement , "out of the elements", means store it in a garage or out building. Somewhere 
it will not be subject to moisture, more then temperature.  You want to protect the internal electronics.
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Sounds good. Thank you!
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Same question here. I don't have an enclosed space for it and it can't come inside the house, so it sits outside exposed, no roof over it. What's the worst that could happen, I legitimately want to know.
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The worst that could happen is the extreme temps and moisture could cause the machine to fail prematurely

Some kind of storage box whether manufactured or self constructed (ie plywood box) would go a long way in shielding it from the elements.

A bare minimum would be to cover it with a tarp
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The blower was designed for extreme weather applications though, that's why I asked. It has to be sealed against moisture somehow -- users will be operating it in all conditions, rain, sleet and snow.

As for extreme temps, I have to believe the blower has ruggedised electronics rated to handle extreme low temperatures, especially if sold here in Canada. Lots of people here keep outdoor power equipment in unheated/uninsulated/detached garages, barns, sheds, etc. Same temp as outside minus any wind chill.
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From page 30 of the owner's manual.
CAUTION: Ensure that all melted snow that may drip from the snow blower is properly wiped up to prevent a slip and fall hazard. ◾ Remove the battery pack(s) and store in a secure location out of the reach of children.
NOTE: When not in use, a 56V battery should be stored in an enclosed area where the temperature will not drop below -4°F (-20°C). Optimal charging temperatures are 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C).
Before storage, wipe any moisture, dirt, or debris from the battery area. ◾ Wipe the snow blower with a clean dry cloth. ◾ Check all nuts, bolts, knobs, screws, etc., for tightness. ◾ Inspect moving parts for damage, breakage, and wear. Have repairs made on any damaged or missing parts. ◾ Fold the side rails to the storage position. ◾ Store the snow blower in a clean, dry, enclosed place out of the reach of children. ◾ Do not store near corrosive materials such as fertilizer or rock salt."

Sheds, garages, etc are perfectly fine storage places. 
There is always a way for water to find its way to electronics. The longer it is exposed to the elements, the greater chance that will happen. Risk management. Minimize the exposure, you minimize the risk. That applies to anything.
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You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this is why I check out these posts.  To put a smile on my face.
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Good idea to use your EGO Blower to blow off snow and moisture to speed up drying.