snowblower upgrade?

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I was wondering if the snowblower was going to get an upgrade this year like the lawnmower did last year. I have the first model of the lawn mower that came with the 4amp/h battery and really like the new one...  But I digress.  My battery will not charge anymore and I bought a new one with the rapid charger online. Then cancelled the order because I saw that the new self propelled lawnmower was only a little bit more.  so I bought it.   By the time I got to Home Depot to pick up the lawn mower, I had found out about the snow blower that comes with TWO BATTERIES!!!  I was very excited and cancelled the $630 lawnmower purchase to buy the snowblower.  Then I read the reviews.  HMMM!!!   
I want to buy one, with both 7.5 amp/h batteries and the rapid charger.  But I don't want to get it if it's going to get upgraded this year.  Based on the reviews, it needs a blade re-design, It needs feet/skids for uneven surfaces, it needs a self propelled version to help push it along and there should also be an integrated way to dislodge the snow from the shute as well as the tine housing when it gets clogged.
Now... since I know that you make good products and will probably upgrade the snowblower as well, Can you please hurry...  When is it going to be ready for purchase?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Sounds like you will never get anything lol. There will always be new versions of everything. Can't hold out forever, well maybe you can.

You won't know if there is an upgraded version coming out because they won't tell you. If they did then they would never sell the current stock out.
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Sorry, I am still in a spin after reading that.

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Darrell, I would say it's more than highly unlikely you'll see the snowblower upgraded this year. It was a brand new release this past winter.

I'd bet we'll see a minimum of two, more likely three years before an upgrade. Just my thoughts.
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I just purchased the EGO snow blower from Home Depot (11-2017).  Found out it was last year's model (manufactured 2016).  Called EGO to see if they had come out with an upgraded model for 2017.  The service rep said no, the current model is the same as last year's. 
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If you look at the way Ego develops and releases products, it seems like a version 2 snow blower could come out in the next year.

12" trimmer -> 15" trimmer -> 15" trimmer w/ rapid reload head

20" gen 1 mower -> 21" mower -> 21" mower SP -> 20" brushless w/ metal deck

chainsaw 14" gen 1 -> chainsaw 14/16" gen 2

blower 480 -> 530 -> 575

battery 1P 2.0 -> 2.5

battery 2P 4.0 -> 5.0

battery 3P 7.5 -> 6.0

tools that have NOT been upgraded (please correct me if I say anything incorrect as I'm doing this from memory):

hedge trimmer

snow blower

back pack blower

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(A)TE you are wrong about the back pack blower, it got a "upgraded" speed selector know instead of the original lever haha