Snowblower performance with (2) two 7.5 Ah batteries is phenomenal!!!!

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I just needed to share my experience - check the photos!  I just used my new EGO snowblower along with (2) two of the 7.5 Ah batteries, one of which I've had a year and the other I just got on a warranty exchange a few months ago.  We just got about 3 & 1/2" of super wet snow this morning in the metro-Detroit area, and I was able to do my own home, and family member's down the street, plus the city walk of several of my neighbors.

I threw the batteries on the charger after I got in, and I still had 25%-50% of juice left on both - HOLY FREAK'N CRAP!!!!  Now, I realize that this alone is an $800 USD package, and that's pretty rich for anyone's blood when it comes to a 21" single stage snow thrower, but HOLY FREAK'N CRAP THIS THING PERFORMS!!!!

Now, I'm sure when I'm pushing (throwing) 5"-8" or more, I won't be able to get as much mileage, but seriously - I have no worries at all as far as I'm concerned.  Much to the chagrin of my neighbors, I did their city walks just to push my EGO and see how much juice I'd burn through, so I likely won't be doing as much in a heavy snow situation.  

I can strongly recommend the 7.5 Ah battery kits with the new snow blower for anyone with some serious square footage to do.  It just performed fantastic.  Huge thumbs up!!!

(Note: all area done is in red)...

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Posted 3 years ago

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Wow. Thats a huge area. I recorded a video today. I will post a link in 2 hours (10 minutes long and crappy internet)
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[[ UPDATE ]] December 17, 2016

SO we just got another 4-5" of semi-heavy/wet stuff last night.  Came out this morning and did the exact same swath of area as illustrated in my original post.

Assorted musings: instead of running the auger at 100% speed, I varied between 30%-50% speed and it threw the snow just fine.  I only brought it up to 100% speed when I needed to throw it really far and at the end of my driveway/sidewalk approach where the city plow had piled up ice chunks. 

Also, it would bog down hard at times with street ice chunks, but recovered quickly.  At no point did I get the "red light" or have it quit on me.