Snowblower battery life

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How many hours could I use the snowblower before needing to recharge batteries?
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Lots of variables there. How dense is the snow? How deep is the snow? Where do the batteries live? Do they stay with the blower in a cold garage? I would think that you would see the overload quite a bit more then you would on a lawn mower.

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Regarding overload, remember the snow blower uses two batteries to the mower's one. :-)
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I remember that, but removing snow takes lots of energy, and it will be nice to know how the overload handles it. Nothing really gets tested until  the general public does the testing.
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And I look forward to putting it through its paces!!! :-)
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Hours? I think you mean ́minutes ́ 
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Angela, I remember reading somewhere that the snowblower was rated to clear 6 inches of snow from an area 30' x 60'. I can't remember where I saw that reference but it seems reasonable.

Actual run "time" will depend on the thickness of the snow, how cold it is (wet or dry) and all kinds of other variables.
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Official Response
Angela, initial run time is about 60 minutes with both 5.0Ah batteries but that can vary, as Blue said, with the thickness of the snow and many other variables.
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If one buys the snow blower and is unhappy with the performance, will there be a return policy?  For example, with the mower there was a 90-day return policy with no questions asked.  That would be nice to have to fall back on if one is not pleased with the blower's performance.  (This might already be a Home Depot policy.  I don't know.) Slightly off topic:  why not ship with two 7.5 amp batteries instead of two 5.0 amp batteries?  That is the case, right?
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Dan, I opened a HD Consumer Credit Card this year and have been extremely happy with this program.  To David's point, you have a "longer return time" than if you were to buy anything on your own credit card.  Here are some of the benefits I have received from using HD CC for purchases:

1.  You get $25 OFF of your first purchase
2.  They will mail you a $10 OFF coupon after your first purchase
3.  HD offer different "financing" package for different purchase amount

Having this flexibility will give you plenty of time to try out all EGO products without any risk on your end.  I have been extremely happy with my EGO weed wacker and leaf blower, which I purchased through HD on their CC program.  Good luck and happy shopping!!!! : )

Necro-ing again I know but seems like the best place to ask.

1. I was wondering, could someone say how the snowblower is expected to run with 2 fully charged 7.5 Ah batteries?

This thread mentions 60 minutes for x2 5Ah batteries whereas the website states 45 min. run-time for both the x2 5 Ah battery snowblower kit & 45 min. for the x2 7.5 Ah battery snowblower kit.

(I know obviously this depends on conditions.)

2. Also, if one were to own 4 7.5 Ah batteries & 2 rapid chargers, do you think you could run the snowblower continuously for say 4 hours or so? (or 6 hours, max/worst case)

I have 3 7.5 Ah batteries currently for my 21" SP mower and am glad to have the spare, as sometimes the 2nd battery needs to be cooled down awhile before it can start charging when mowing all day (big lawn).

My hope is that despite the similar continuous running conditions (big driveway), the batteries would be less likely to overheat/always charge straight away when used for the snowblower due to the cold outside temperature of winter.
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The only experience I have with the run time is from watching the Workshop Addict videos. Check them out if you haven't already. It seems to do pretty well on just the 5Ah batteries.
Yeah I've watched that and just about every video I could find on it, but I rewatched WA's video now and it just mentioned area size.

I can do the math and assuming x2 5Ah gives you 45 minutes, I'm guessing x2 7.5 Ah is at least an hour, but I was hoping to know an exact figure, since EGO gives out estimated run-time with various tool/battery combos.

(Again, it says 45 min. run-time on for both x2 5Ah & x2 7.5 Ah batteries in the snowblower.. so that obviously can't be right.)

I'm just posting in the hopes of getting an official estimate from EGO on run-time for x2 7.5 Ah batteries for the snowblower.

I mean, run-time estimates for their tools with all their batteries seems like pretty basic/mandatory stuff to me if you're selling battery powered outdoor power tools, doesn't seem like too much to ask for.

(I got the snowblower last year but never had a chance to use it by the time the 7.5 Ah kits became available for me.)

I have a large U-driveway (country house) + a downhill basement-attached garage (side of house) which I have to clear + a large trench behind the house (grass field) going by the garage to clear so uphill driveway/front yard meltwater drains into that field trench into the backyard instead of into the garage (at the bottom of the driveway) & then on into the basement.

+ Large front & back decks.

Fairly arduous task (I should get a drain installed in front of the garage soon..) and definitely should take 3 hours + so the run-time is fairly important to me, if I've got a foot of snow  outside I'm not getting my job done on 2 sets of x2 7.5 Ah batteries.
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Run time with the snowblower is going to vary a lot, probably more than the mowers. Here's Ego's official run times for the 21" mower: