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If I use a snow blower with the 5.0 and a 7.5 battery at the same time, will the extra size of the 7.5 be utilized? I read on these boards that when there are two batteries, it draws power from both at the same time.
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Yes the power management system treats it like one large battery and draws power from all of the available cells as needed and best used.

That is not to say that both batteries will be used up / turn red at the same time, but the system will make use of all available power.

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When I originally bought our snow blower it came with two 5ah batteries. I used those batteries for the first year.  The following summer I purchase the self-propelled lawn mower with the 7.5ah battery.  The next winter I used the 7.5ah with the 5ah battery with the snow blower.  I gave me a longer running time and a little more torque.  Since then we purchase another 7.5ah battery and now use two 7.5ah batteries in our snow blower and dual battery lawn mower.  It really made a difference.
hey William, are you happy with your dual purchase? that is what is most motivating about the EGO, is having batteries that can do two things... single homeowner with a corner lot... lots of front yard and sidewalk to manage.
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Wish there was a way to get a single 7.5ah battery as part of a combo... I have one already from my mower, and want a second for an eventual snowblower purchase -- but didn't want to buy the battery separately :/

I'm going with the 5.0ah with the edger/trimmer combo instead
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A 7.5 and 5.0 will work great in the snowblower.

Or you could also buy the snow blower with batteries (great price as a kit) and then have some backup power for the heavy snow days.
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What about using the 5.0 and 2.5 together in the snow blower?  I have the 5.0 for my mower, and I share the smaller battery between my trimmer and leaf blower.  From what I'm reading about the snow blower treating "both batteries as a single power source", I imagine that a 5.0 + 2.5 will work, it will just run out of juice faster.  Is there any reason to NOT use the two batteries I already have?
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I know that the user's manual says for best performance to use 8ah total or more.
From the manual - "NOTE: For best performance, we recommend use with two 4.0Ah EGO 56V ArcLithium batteries or with two EGO 56V Arc-Lithium batteries of greater capacity." 
However, I don't own a snowblower so I haven't tried any combinations of batteries. Maybe someone who owns one has tried your combo of batteries and will chime in.
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Paul, the small batteries can’t put out as much power as the larger ones do, hence Ego’s recommendation. A 2.5 and a 5 will work, but the machine will have less power and shorter run times.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mix 7.5 and 5.0 batteries in snowblower. Any downsides or even upsides to Dual 5....

I know you can mis and match batteries in the snowblower.  Are there any advatages or disadvatages to mixing a 7.5 and a 5.0 vs dual 5.0?

I bought the self propelling mower with 7.5 battery.  

I was thinking of buying the powerhead + trimmer/edger which comes with a 5.0 battery.  So I was thinking of saving a bit and buying the snowblower kit without batteries and using those batteries. 

But if there are any disadvantages to running 7.5 with a 5.0 then I'll just get the snow blower kit with dual 5.0 and get the powerhead trimmer/edger without batteries.