Snow blower: 5 Amp or 7.5 Amp - What should I buy?

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Snow blower: 5 Amp or 7.5 Amp - What should I buy?  I'm struggling on a decision.  I already have the 7.5 Amp Lawn Mower.  If I buy the 5 Amp Snow blower... it will leave me money to buy other Ego products... like the trimmer/edger.  Any thoughts on the differences... assuming it really only has to do with how long the batteries last... how long will the 5 Amps last when fully charged?
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Living in Florida, I can't speak to the snowblower's efficiency and battery usage.

But I have considered buying the 7.5 AH snowblower kit as the most economical way to buy two extra 7.5 AH batteries to use with my lawnmower.  Is your yard big enough that you could mow for 3 batteries straight?  I ended up buying one extra 7.5 AH battery (for a total of two, plus a few 2.5 AH with other tools) which allows me to mow most of my yard in one go (swapping batteries back to the chargers while mowing).

If you can mow your entire yard with one 7.5 AH battery, it is likely that you don't have that big of a driveway/walk, and the 17.5 AH total capacity you would have (2 5AH batteries with the snowblower, plus that 7.5 AH from the mower, which can also be used in the snowblower) would be more than enough for you.

If you can imagine needing all three 7.5 AH batteries to mow your yard, buy the bigger kit.

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I can actually mow my yard twice with one charge on a 7.5 Amp battery. I have a 3 stall garage and driveway to suit... but it’s not very long. Thanks for the thoughts!
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Along with Summetj's comments, if you can mow your yard with a 5 ah battery, then definitely get the 5 ah snow blower. You can easily use your mower's 7.5 ah battery along with a 5 ah battery in the snow blower. 
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And the more I think about this, it's likely you won't use the mower when you need the snowblower, and vice versa so definitely get the 5ah snowblower.
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I am in agreement with summetj and Oregon Mike, get the 5.0 Ah battery kit and save the extra money for more tools.
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How big is your driveway and any other area you will be clearing.

Keep in mind you can use your 7.5 from your mower along with any other ego battery to make a second battery pair for the snow blower. 

Two 5.0 batteries will probably run the snow blower for 30 - 60 minutes.  All depends how deep, wet and heavy the snow is.  how hard are you pushing the machine. etc.
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Buy the 5.0 Ah snow thrower kit.
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When I bought my snow blower, it only came with two five amp batteries.  The following year I bought a 7.5 amp battery.  That year I used two 7.5 amp batteries in the snow blower and discovered that not only did it give me more running time, it also gave me more torque for the heavy, wet snow.  I discovered the same thing when I used both 7.5 amp batteries in my dual battery lawn mower.  They both have brushless motors.  Also, the orange light doesn't come on as often on the snow blower and never on the lawn mower using the 7.5 amp batteries.  If you get a lot of wet snow, you might want to have more power (torque) for your snow blower.  Just a suggestion! If you did decide to do that, I would buy the kit with the 7.5 amp batteries.  You get a better deal than paying over $300 for a 7.5 amp battery.  Good luck!