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My mower only runs a short time before the unit shuts off. Talked with customer service. They asked me to charge the battery fully, and then to check and record the run time. They also asked me to charge the battery, and run it in my string trimmer and record the time. The results were... 4 minutes and 15 seconds run time in the mower. (At that point, the yellow light came on, and the mower would not run.) After recharging the battery (Which took only a few minutes), I used the string trimmer to edge my yard. That took a little over 23 minutes. The battery showed no sign of problems. Customer service told me to take the mower, battery, and charger to Home Depot for repair. I was less than impressed with the product knowledge of the man I spoke with at HD, but time will tell what service they give me.

Some info... Mower and battery are about 10-months old. Grass was dry. Yard had been mowed 6-days prior to the failure. Blade spins freely. Very small yard (Less than 1/4 acre). Bermuda grass. Sharp blade. No accumulation of grass around blade.

I'll be borrowing my neighbor's mower for a month or more. He has an E-GO which I had recommended to him. (I'll be wearing my humble hat when I go tell him of my problem). Will post any info I receive, so others who encounter a similar problem can read the results.
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Posted 5 years ago

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That is frustrating.  Hope you get it resolved and never have that problem again.  I have had mine a year and so far it is working fine.   I have had some odd issues, but then they only last one time.   This year I haven't had any weird things with the mower.
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They are going to have your mower for a month? What tha!

I hope the turnaround is a little faster than that. Next month will make a year for me with my mower and about 10 months with the blower. No problems so far with their operation......knock on wood.
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Official Response
Hi George! Thank you for sharing your experience with the EGO community. Please keep us posted on your repair, and do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any additional questions in the meantime.
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The last time my mower 'died, again', I noticed that one of the side handle-clamps was ajar.  I closed it and continued without problems.  That connection is flimsy; I'll need to get some duck Tape...
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Thanks for your reply, Rodney.I had that problem recently. It's a known issue at E-GO, and they quickly sent replacement parts. The repair was quick and easy, and I had no further problems with that. I do appreciate the thoughts and suggestions from users. I've left the mower with Home Depot, so couldn't try any repairs now anyway.
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Here's an update on my mower...
8/3: Took it to HD to be repaired
In the following weeks, I stopped by HD to ask about it. Was told consistently that the circuit board had been replaced and it was in transit back to their store
After 2-weeks of being "in-transit", I checked one more time at HD, and was told that the mower was there, but there was a repair part needed, and that part was on backorder.
Called Customer Service, and they said they would check into it.
9/16: HD called to tell me that they had just received the mower on a truck.
I picked it up later that day. Bought and installed a brand new blade just in case.
9/17: Mowed lawn. Grass was 2 1/2" tall before mowing. I was cutting on height setting "3". Brand new blade. Lots of problems with the mower stopping. Neighbor noticed and came over to offer his mower. I was timing the run time, and didn't stop the timer while we talked. At 25:47, the red light came on the battery.
Called Customer Support, and she offered to send another 2.0 battery to make up the additional runtime. I told her that I didn't want another battery. That wouldn't fix the problem. Asked to speak to a supervisor. I left a message at the supervisor's voice mail. After 2 business days of not getting a call, I called Customer Service. Spoke with Susan, who said they would send a new mower from the warehouse, and I would return my current mower.

I gave you with all those details to show 3 things that need improvement...
1) HD needs to know the status of a mower brought in for repair
2) The service that a customer receives shouldn't be a function of the customer service rep they speak with.
3) A customer service supervisor should return a customer's phone call.

I'm looking forward to my new mower. Hopefully that will fix the problem
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Keep us posted, George.

How about a #4: HD's repair service should test and guarantee the mower is working properly before returning it to the customer. No excuse to have it for that long only to return it in non-working condition.
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Hi George. We appreciate your feedback on your experience with your mower repair, and we apologize that it was not as favorable as we would have hoped. We also apologize that your experience with our customer service team was less than spectacular; as we strive to deliver exceptional customer service for each of our customers. Please know that we take all of your concerns seriously and are constantly looking for improvement.  We thank you for giving us a chance to make this right and we wish you the best in the future with your new mower.  Please keep us posted if we can help any further.
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My new mower arrived today. Along with the new mower, was a new battery and charger. Exceeded my expectations. Thanks for standing behind your product.
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Glad to hear everything has arrived and we hope they are working well for you, George! You are very welcome, and please don't forget to give us a call or send us an email with your new serial numbers so we can update them.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mower - 26 minute run time?.

I bought my mower 3 weeks ago.  It had a manufacture date of Feb 2013 which concerned me.

It takes 45 minutes to cut my grass with a push mower.  The first use of the EGO mower went great.  So much so that I gave away my gasoline mower.  Maybe a mistake on my part.

I have cut the grass 4 times since that first mow and only get 26 minutes run time now.  Infant mortality on the battery?

Mower blade spins freely.

What should I expect for warranty service? Will I be without my battery or do they typically cross ship them?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled average run time is 23 minutes..

I've had the mower now, long enough to complete 7 battery charge cycles. My average run time is 23 minutes. (min 20, max 25).
The cutting height is set to the 2 position (wish there was a 2.5 notch)
Mower is cutting approx 1.25" of grass in the mulching configuration.
Air temp between 65 & 75 deg F, and reasonably dry grass (no rain or dew).
The beer is cold (during charging).
I think the machine will be returned to HD for refund, until such time that a larger capacity 
battery is offered, or a promo of sorts for a bonus 2nd battery.
Love the maneuverability & portability of the machine tho!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled My EGO Lawn Mower quit running during use..

If your mower has stopped running during use, please check the following things;
  • First, remove the key from the EGO Power+ Mower
  • Are the handles fully extended and the clamps securely closed?
  • Is the safety key inserted in the slot? Is the battery charge depleted?
  • Is the mower deck clogged with grass and debris?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mower Battery Run Time Suddenly Less Than 15 Minutes.

I have had the mower for the current mowing season and have been reasonably satisfied with the battery life per charge.  Today, I have had the mower quit after about fifteen minutes twice now.  (battery is charging as I type this)  This is a much shorter run time than any times before.  I was singing the praises of this mower and would like to continue to do that.  I have also noticed that the battery goes from green to dead - no warning red light today.  Thank you.  Battery is charged, so I am going back to mow, hopefully for a longer time than the last.

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