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All of us here at EGO sincerely want you to have the best experience possible, so we’d like to touch on the best way to resolve any problem that may arise with your tools.

As we move into peak season, our wait times have increased. This should be a temporary pain, and should not reflect as an everyday experience for our customers. Should you ever need any type of assistance, we’re available every day of the week at 1-855-346-5656. If you do not wish to wait on hold, you may select to leave a voicemail or callback. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that moving forward, all posts regarding issues with Customer Service will be made private in order for us to safely collect contact information and case details. Furthermore, unless directly connected to the topic at hand, all Customer Service-based complaints posted to unrelated threads will be removed. We ask you to note that this is not a message board for grievances, but rather, an open forum for users to share tips and feedback. Above all, the EGO Community is here to help. We do acknowledge the increase in hold times and are actively working towards a solution to improve the user experience.

Thank you for your involvement in the EGO community and please, keep up the great conversation!
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Glad to see this, it’s been a long time coming!!! :-)
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Simple solution: Hire more people to answer phones during the peak season. 
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Then what do you do with them during non peak season? Lay them off? Maybe college kids?
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szwoopp, Champion

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But they need extensive training to be helpful or they are just taking messages which is already an automated process.
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szwoopp, Champion

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You should remain excited about ego as they make some great products and use a superior battery technology.  
As mentioned in the post this forum was not intended to be a complaint department
Some are trolls, some are complainers that will never be happy, some have trouble using a phone, and certainly some are legitimate issues that need customer service.
An open forum is far from the best way to filter thru all of that.
I appreciate the Update as the complaints are annoying and by no means a representation of the users as a whole.

Give an ego product a try and base your decision on that rather then some complaints (which all manufacturers have - they just don't have a user forum where you can see them) .  90 day risk free period to try the product and return it to HD if you are no satisfied.  I bet you keep the tool and love it.

Come on - what have you got to lose -  be positive and get yourself some ego power and enjoyment.
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I like this comment. It is what I was going to write. :)
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 Most reviews & comments I've read about EGO have been positive.  I suppose EGO doesn't think I have the ability to weed out trolls and constant complainers.  I don't like companies that hide and prevent negative comments. I would not have purchased my EGO string trimmer had I read this beforehand. Glad I didn't see this first, it's a great trimmer.

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Jacob, Champion

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They aren't hiding the posts. They are using them for a separate method of helping people.
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Mark Costello

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I purchased my EGO trimmer and lawnmower 3 weeks ago. I am very pleased with my trimmer but have a couple of issues with my mower. First the mower is not to good at sucking up leaves and the handle is a little to tall for shorter people.My suggestion would be to maybe change the blade design and make the handle adjustable.
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szwoopp, Champion

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The handle has a low, medium and high setting.  Use the quick adjuster lever near the base of the handle.  It is green and is the same locking lever that is used to fold up the mower handle

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Ego sells a High lift blade for the 21" mowers that provides greater lift.  This may solve your issue with the leaves.
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If you’re wanting to suck up leaves for bagging you might want to try Ego’s high-lift blade, which improves suction for bagging.
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I'm a relatively shorter guy (5' 5") and I the find handle's middle setting to be just fine for me. The lower handle setting is too low for me. I can't imagine this handle being too high for anyone that is taller than 4 and half feet.