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4/5 stars

I would have loved to give this new improved mower 5 stars but it is failing in one critical is mulching poorly. This is an important feature of the way we care for lawns as mulching provides many positive benefits for a healthier lawn. I can't understand why this mower is not able to mulch as effectively as the previous model. From the first cut on dry grass only cutting off 1/2" - 1" I found the clippings building up on a row on the left side of the mower on the top of the grass. I have re-sharpened the blade to no avail. It seems that the change in the decks underside shape has effected the mulching dynamics.

We have a second SP mower coming this week and I look forward to seeing if it produces the same or better results.

Please let me know if others are having a similar problem or any ideas how this can be corrected.

Now for the good news...this mower looks like it is built to last with it's much heavier duty construction. We look forward to seeing how it stands up to 25-30 hrs/week of operation. The longer lasting battery is great, added height adjustments are nice and the self propelled feature is very helpful. There is no question that this new model is much improved over the last and should provide a longer life of service for our business needs.
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Posted 4 years ago

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The rpm for a rotary mower is regulated by some institute. See image.
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Nice one Jacob!  that's the ASI standard.  They have standards for about everything!  That was an interesting catch!
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Yes, nice catch Jacob!

However, it would seem neither Ego mower is limited by the rules:



Perhaps the limit could be an issue for the 21" mower when it speeds up in heavier grass, but I don't think that would hurt its overall performance?
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Steve Valdes

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I bet the mulching performance would be great if the maximum blade tip speed was closer to the 3454 rpm to achieve the 19,000 ft/min. I would be willing to sacrifice some run time to achieve better mulching results.
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I would as well, especially seeing as how I own 2 of the 7.5 amp batteries.  Wanted to have a second on hand so when the snow blower drops this fall, I'll be ready to go!  ;)
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Just wanted to chime in here for a moment to relay information to those who may not have read all of our threads on the different availability of accessories in North America vs. Europe as well as the mulching concerns.  

First, we are looking into bringing the accessories that are Europe-only to North America. Your views and desires have been heard loud and clear.  We closed the topic because we don't have an update, for now, and it's not really productive to just say "we want it" 100 times.  We know you want it. :) It's not as simple as just shipping a box over and handing them out. We hope you can understand that setting up anything in North America takes time (regardless of our retailer of choice).

Second, we're sorry to see some of the mulching challenges you are experiencing Steve. Our 21" mower has been reviewed by quite a few third parties (Consumer Reports, Pro Tool Reviews, etc.) and we know you all look at their reviews. This mulching challenge is certainly news to us.  We're keeping a close eye on this but for now, no changes are being made.  There haven't been any running changes to the mower either so there's not a next generation of this mower vs a 21" mower that came out a few months ago.

Steve, we're going to contact you offline to try and figure out if there is anything else we can do to help ease your issues.
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This is tough for me, but I'm giving EGO the benefit of the doubt.  There are a ton of variables when cutting a lawn.  I'm sure your neighbors grass is different than yours.  Lawns always look better from across the road.

I can't wait to see what a different blade does.  A higher lift blade might serve two purposes.  The mower will sense a bit more resistance and might kick up the RPM's a little, I don't know.  While it will shorten the battery life, it should in theory provide one hell of a cut!

I wouldn't be so harsh on EGO at this point.  Maybe it is just a few of us having some issues.  Whatever it is, it'll get resolved.  Believe me, they know about it and are not sitting idle.

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OK champ
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Could you help me understand -before I buy- if I could order a high lift blade and have it shipped from Europe until such time as a retailer or warehouse space could be found?
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Cece, you can certainly try to order the blades but I don't think they are shipping to the US from the dealers in Europe.  Please let us know if you are successful.
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Just used my 21" SP for the first time today going from a Honda 21" with the micro cut twin blades.  The Ego is impressive!  The grass in my back yard is very thick and many times would bog down, though never kill, the Honda.  The Ego went through it without slowing at all.  I will have to agree with Steve, the mulching is not quite as good as the Honda (blades are left longer) but it actually seems to cut better.  The Honda has always taken 2 passes to get all the grass completey mulched and the Ego is the same.  After the initial cut and a 2nd pass though, the yard looks just as good with the Ego as it ever has with the Honda.  I'm very happy with it so far.  Also used the 15" trimmer for the first time and it's definitely my favorite.  Goodbye gas trimmer!!  So, for me at least, while the mulching is a little lacking it's definitely not a show stopper.  I'm sure Ego will eventualy come out with a better blade design or some way to improve it.  If not, I get a little extra exercise making the 2nd pass :-)  At least the battery was still good after cutting the front with one pass and 2 passes in the back.  
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My experience... Just for the record ( not saying there isn't room for improvement with other people's grass and mowers)...

I used my 21 SP for the first time in mulch mode. I would say my grass is fairly average in thickness compared to all my neighbors on my street. I found no problem with the mulching.

The details...

I did look at the grass clippings after mode and saw very small bits with a mixture of longer blades. I suppose in some areas the small bits would probably fall through and the longer blades might sit on top. But the longer blades were only about a half inch long. My boys were cutting about one-and-a-half to two inches of grass off the top.

I'm in the Sacramento Valley of California and I wish I could tell you what kind of grass I had ( but the blades of grass are definitely NOT wide). So West Coast Valley in California, and average thickness lawn of unknown type.)
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I just gave my lawn it's second cutting with my new Ego 21" Non-SP.  It's first cut was 4 days ago in mulching mode on level 3 (2.5") and I did notice it left a line of clippings behind the left wheel. Today I tried level 4 (3") only cutting off about 1". So I barely noticed any clippings this time along with better performance. I do still wish it had better suction, mulching and grass lifting ability so my mind is still not made up yet whether or not I will be keeping or returning this mower. I also decided to keep on cutting my lawn for a second time just to see how long the battery would go for. It lasted an amazing 1 hour and 15 minutes before it quite on me. I don't expect to get that result again as I don't usually cut after only 4 days. After cutting I went over to HD with my sales slip to see about getting the free extra 56V 2.0 ah battery since I bought it only 3 days before the sale started. They had no problem working it out for me and I got the extra battery for free in case I need it.
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Just received my 21 SP Ego yesterday and tried it for the first time. I'm in Denver, this time of year the grass (fescue) is very thick. All in all it did okay in mulch mode. Left some lines, but not too bad. Used level 3 depth. It does not create small mulch blades, they are very long, and although only a few lines on left side of mower, it leaves the large blades laying on top of the grass. They don't seem to fall into the grass.

I replaced an old HONDA gas, quadra cut HRX217, that did two things better. 1 created very fine clippings, small, and had superior lift. We have straw, small twigs, and fine wood mulch that get into the grass. The old mower would lift these up and mulch or bag them. NOTE: the HONDA would also leave a line behind, especially when taller and wet.

The Ego will not lift any of these off the grass, this is a little annoying. However, it performed well enough, I like the feel, quietness, and no more gas, so I plan to stick with it. It is a very nice machine, well built. It would be great if a better mulching blade could be designed that provided more lift.....
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Steve, I've sent you an email privately to try and figure out a good resolution for you.  Please reply at your convenience.  We want to help get you back out as a happy EGO family member and take pride in your investment with us.  We know you're frustrated and we want to help.

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