Snowblower Works Great!

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Well, we finally got a snowfall again instead of a rainfall/ice storm here in the Minneapolis area. About one inch of fluffy stuff with a 15-20 mph swirling wind was a decent test for the snowblower. I have a three-car wide three-car long concrete driveway and it probably took about 15 minutes to clear it - really fast compared to shoveling this light stuff or muscling my big 2-stage. I used high-speed for the auger and had the chute pointed pretty level and directed sideways with the high winds. I'd say the throwing distance was equivalent to my 2-stage on its best throwing side. (If you're not familiar with 2-stage blowers, they have a second wheel at the bottom of the chute to 'throw' the snow. The best direction is pointing the chute the direction that wheel turns. The opposite direction cause the snow to bounce off the chute reducing the distance by 30% or more.)

Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with the performance of this little snowblower. It was simple to lift up on to the sidewalk - something I won't attempt with a 300 lb. snowblower, even if there is 12+ inches to shovel. This will be prefect for hauling down to the pond for the skating rink (and back up!).

I've attached a few photos to show how well it cleared the driveway. You'll noticed it's completely covered in snow (as was I) from all of the blowing and swirling snow. I had the lights on the whole time and they work great!

Sorry I don't have a video, but that may have looked like a polar bear in a snow storm - nothing to see but white!
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Looking good, close to the cement floor. I need to do the opposite (gravel driveway) and it works fine.
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Interesting after all the reports of it not working well and people proposing that more snow was needed to get good throwing performance.
Good to hear you had good performance with only 1 inch of snow.
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Yup, it is still working well. We got another couple of inches the following day, so I cleared that with the same charge on the 5.0 Ah batteries. Then I recharged them and hauled it down the hill to the skating rink on the pond where there was about 4" of snow from the week waiting for me. This is about a 90 ft. x 150 ft. rink, so pretty good sized. I was able to clear 75% of it with the 5.0 Ah batteries and finished with one 7.5 Ah battery from the lawn mower. I'm not sure how much charge was left in that one, but it was still green and the charger started with 2 green lights.

As far as throwing distance, I started the rink by going down the middle and working toward the sides. I would say is was consistently throwing 30-35 ft. because I didn't have much that needed blowing twice. Plus, I was throwing it to both the left and right sides, not straight ahead. I am definitely satisfied with this blower!

As you can see from the picture, the machine (and I) were covered with snow after this effort! (I tried taking videos, but the temperature was around 12 F and the cell phone and video camera kept shutting down from the cold.)

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Nice! That's a ton of snow!!!