Quick usage review of the EGO Chainsaw, with Short Video. (Excuse the quality)

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I didn't have much time this evening, but I wanted to knock out 3 large limbs (10 to 12") from a River Burch.  It took me about 2 hours to clear it out, as it was very large, long.  That included cleanup time.  Before knocking out the tree, I used the chainsaw to completely destroy an all wood play set that took up 1/4 of my yard, it was very big, with a lot of 4x4 pressure treated lumber.  It ate up a chain really quickly, as I hit quite a few nails and screws.  On the bright side, my yard went from cluttered to cleaned up in an afternoon.

Please excuse the video, I just used my iPad.  I was also worn out because I took the video after 2 hours of cutting and hauling lumber from the play set.  I figured you didn't want to see the saw in action on a play set, so I waited until I got to the tree to grab my iPad.  I'm sorry for the short video, but I'm not great with the iPad and transferring the video to my PC.  I'm also a bit filthy by the time I got to the video  :).  One word, I used safety glasses for most of my cutting, but after a few hours they were soaked from sweat (it was 80 outside) and I had cut through most of the eye level stuff.  Always wear protection!


I used the Chainsaw for the first time today for 2 rather major projects.  Cut up a very large wooden play center and move it to a burning pile, and also cut 3 large sections off of a River Burch tree that measured around 10 to 12", enough to use most of the chain.

The power of the chainsaw was surprising, and never once bogged down.  The run time on a 4 ah battery is excellent.  I would equate it to about a full tank of gas on a comparable 14" Chainsaw.

To be frankly honest, in the house with the battery on it, I felt that this saw was a bit too heavy.  In actual use it felt no different than any gas chainsaw I've used.  It was a joy.  I had no problems one handing some cuts and cutting from the bottom up on some larger sections.  Excellent balance.


  • Extremely easy chain replacement and adjustment.  5 minutes to replace a chain, and no tools.  Fantastic.

  • Excellent self lubrication.  Make sure to refill it after every hour of use, it uses an amount that seems to keep the chain cool and perfectly oiled, without over saturation and puddles.

  • Cleanup is a snap, unscrew the cover and wipe it down.

  • Run time is simply put, excellent.  (4ah battery).  I can get a good 1 hour run, on/off cutting on one charge.  2 batteries gave me the whole afternoon to work.

  • Built very well.  No wear, or brittle plastic on this Chainsaw.  I felt very secure banging it around as I would a gas saw.  Secure in the hands with no unexpected jerking or handling issues.  Very smooth in use.

  • No fumes, gas, starting blisters. 

  • Clean cut!  doesn't vibrate in the hands and the speed is sufficient to melt through wood.

  • Ego's response to questions and support is second to none.  Makes me feel sick when I have to call other companies for support.  I want to point them to EGO and say, THIS is how you take care of a customer.  No BS, they just want to fix the problem and get you back in business.  Big win here for EGO's business model.  No run around, and not treating its customers like infants who know nothing about tools.


  • I would have liked a few more RPM's.  It seems the small branches can snag now and then, a little faster spin speed would alleviate that problem.  I would also like it to spin up to cutting speed a bit faster.

  • I would not use a 2 ah battery for normal tree work, sure it cuts the weight, but the run time is not sufficient for my use.  I prefer to go out with 2 batteries and not have to run to a charger for the day.

  • People at Home Depot are untrained about EGO products and not very helpful.  These forums and EGO Support are superior.  Before you go get a part, or need help, read these forums or call support.

Final Words:

Buying this Chainsaw for a small farm or home use is a no brainer.  It'll save your sanity.  No tools, easy chain replacement and with a few 4 ah batteries in tow, you are gold.  I worked on and off for 4 hours and completely used up 2 charges.  That is a lot of cutting.  There is no reason to dismiss this as a viable tool to replace a gas chainsaw.  Know it's limitations (tree size) and you have no other worries or supplies.  Wave goodbye to pull strings and gas, just cut!

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SCDC, thank you so much for taking the time to post this review and help everyone see how this chainsaw performs.  We look forward to hearing more from you and others.  Keep up the great work!