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Here's the deal with the Tesla-they finally got it right (if they deliver in 2 years what they are promising). The idea is that you can buy a car that is better than ALL the others (gas or electric). If you have 40k, do you want a Tesla even if you are a regular, non-eco, guy/gal that could get an entry level BMW/Mercedes? The answer is yes, if the model 3 delivers as promised. Based on pre-sales (and yes, promises) they have done it.

Has Ego achieved what Tesla did? Is my 600 dollar lawn mower BETTER than a Honda or Toro at a similar price point? Like many of you, I didn't like two things going in. First, Home Depot. It is a place notorious for bad stuff. I mean, I bought a seeder from there that actually broke. That takes skill to build something that bad. Second, electronic outdoor power equipment has been horrible in the past. I drive a Prius, I use a wood to heat, etc... Even I, however, had to admit that I'd never use anything electric because my Huskvarna blower wasn't worth replacing/selling for something that was worse (less power, a cord to drag around, etc..)

Well, Ego has changed that. I have the mower which I won't review-the videos do a great job. Is it better? Yes. The cut is about what I'd expect out of an average mower. However, I don't buy gas, I can run it in my garage (awesome for the blower which I've even used in the house), I don't get all the vibrations, I can listen to Miles and Trane while I mow, I can do yard work at night, I'll never run out of power-one battery is always charged. Seriously, the quality of life is SO much better. My garage doesn't smell, I don't smell, no mixing, no gas cans in the car once every two weeks, I can opt for lighter batteries if I want (the 2A), etc... 

Then there is compatibility. If the snow blower has a buy without battery option for say $400, it's a steal. I have the batteries so everything from here on in is downright cheap. If you need to soften the $600, that should go a long way. Here in NJ, it snows a ton, and I need to get a snow blower now at my age. The fact that everything is compatible is incredible. I don't have the string trimmer, but if I do, it's cheap without the battery. 

I went Makita with my power tools, which was not that different from other mid level stuff. Hopefully, in the future, Ego won't be the only company. Many of us probably have see the benefit from power tool systems-I own the Makita LiBatteries and chargers so everything is now pretty cheap. If I want to add a circular saw, it's pretty simple. I am old enough though to remember when bundling cordless power tools was a novelty. It took getting it right before people would adopt.

Ego got it right. 
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Looks like we have two power tool collections in common, Ego and Makita!

I bought into Makita's lineup back in 2008, and the main reason I chose their system was the forced-air cooled battery charging system that, even though pretty much unchanged, still leads the industry in charge times. Heat kills batteries, so keeping them cool is job #1.

Fast forward to 2014 when I finally decided I'd had enough of dragging my 100ft extension cord around to cut my lawn. Started researching battery lawn mowers and the Ego stood out because, you guessed it, better battery and charger tech. Forced-air cooled battery charging system but with a new trick - phase change cell wraps that hold the battery temperatures steady under heavy load.

I am anxiously awaiting the snow blower as well. I'm just North of where you're at in Ottawa, Ontario... definite snow blower territory. I can't wait to put my Ego system to work this winter. If it's anywhere near as good as it seems from the videos it's gonna be one heckuva tool! :-)
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With all due respect, I have been driving Volts for FIVE years. FIVE.
Telsa has not done it. They have marketed a dream that is not yet a reality.
GM had it right in 2011 and the price has been dropping steadily while the product has been getting better and better. You can get one now for less than the price of an average car (~$25K after tax credit). Telsa has a lot of hype, but Detroit has real EVs that work for people who want an affordable plug in now.
Just because the media does not talk about about it, does not mean that the products are not good.
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Bobblehead, the Volt is the car I would like to own! If I had more money I'd have a Volt in my driveway for sure. Instead I got a Cruze Eco 6MT which gets incredible mileage in my low speed commute... a Volt would still be cheaper to operate, but I'd have to drive it for 8-10 years to make up the difference.

Having said that, I respect Tesla as well. For now they are different cars targeted at different markets, but that will change with the Model3. I haven't driven a Model S yet, but I spent some time with the Roadster and, man, what a rocket! An impractical toy, sure, but it would beat my Corvette to 60 nine times out of ten I bet!

Me personally? I'd still take the Volt as I need a car that can function as my daily driver and still do long distances. There's little Tesla Supercharger infrastructure around me (Ottawa, Ontario) so highway trips wouldn't be convenient.

But as a second car for a family I think a long range electric makes sense, even more so as costs fall. I would like my next car to have a plug in capability, and the Volt is the best choice right now for me and the way I drive. For now though, the Eco is serving me very well. :-)
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Thanks for the praise Keenanj.  We think it's always nice to be compared to Tesla. :)
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It's a good line, I'm looking forward to using the chain saw. In terms of the Volt, I don't think it was really seen by non-eco people as a great way to spend 40K. The start of the Volt was with reports of it being over-priced, slow, ugly, and there were massive delays - most of the press was bad. You can see that in very low number of sales in its history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Volt#Production.2C_price_and_sales

  I know-I am a Prius owner for 7 years. Compared to a Suburu at the time, I was giving up a lot to get the Prius. Things may have changed for the Volt, I know they have for the Prius. The superbowl ad signaled somewhat of a change, you can see them make fun of themselves https://youtu.be/GFkVsiDYI3c.

I was simply say that EGO made buying their product competitive not just for green people but all people. Tesla has done that (yes, through promises) for cars-last I looked there are 375,000 people signed up for the model 3 (now that puts the Volt numbers in perspective). I love it. I know EGO doesn't want to hear it, but the best thing would be for some other companies to adopt what they have done and go after them. I would love if everyone in my neighborhood would adopt EGO or any environmental impact reducing technology. Tesla knows that to win, they have to get the CAR market, not the green market, or the California market, but the CAR market. I hope EGO gets the Lawn/Gardening market (rather than something smaller) because their products are so good, they could.
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I think general outdoor power equipment is exactly the market Ego is in.

I was looking for a replacement Honda gas mower when I found the Ego mower. Never had given electric a thought and had no intention of doing so with this purchase. I drive an SUV that gets a very mediocre 17 mpg, but would never pay more or give up any power or range to go green.

I've also led several corporate green initiatives, but they are always motivated by saving money, improving quality, or both. Being Eco-friendly or going green is never a primary motivation.
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I do believe that "going green" SHOULD be a primary motivation for society as a whole, but you're right, business is usually only interested if there's some financial benefit.

My personal motivation for buying an electrified car would be 80% novelty, 20% cost driven. If I could justify a higher up-front cost with breaking even over my projected ownership period I would buy in. I believe that going green is a good thing, but I can't afford to throw a bunch of extra money at it.

I LOVE my manual transmissions, but I've driven several all electric cars and an electric drivetrain is about the only thing that would pry that beloved shifter out of my hands.

My motivation for buying into the Ego lineup was almost purely convenience. The alternatives being corded electric (my old equipment) or gas, neither of which make any sense at all these days for someone with a push mower sized lawn. The green aspect of these tools is nice, no doubt, but not a prime motivator for me, anyway.