Putting the lawn mower away until spring. Question: recommended storage of battery: charged or uncharged?

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Posted 5 years ago

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Jennifer, I've read confusing things regarding the battery. If I'm reading this correctly, I can charge the batteries, put them on a shelf and they will self discharge to an optimal state for storage after a period of time. If so, this is really nice, and I wish I would have caught that months ago. Thanks.
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You know, if there was a snow blower we wouldn't have to worry about storage for the batteries. So.... Snow Blower!!! Snow blower!!!
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There seems to be conflicting manual instructions.  The CHARGER manual page 14 item 6 says leaving battery on charge for 1 month or more will perform self-maintenance and drop to 30%, The BATTER manual page 13  says it will self-discharge after 1 month of storage.  It then says on page 15 every six months of storage, full charge the battery.  Here's my take for winter storage.  (1)Fully charge, (2)remove and store (3) after 6 months fully charge (4) remove and store.  Any clarification would be appreciated.
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Terry, I think you've got it right.

However I think the need to charge it every six months is a little bit pessimistic . I think the reason they put that in there is to eliminate the possibility that someone will store the battery in a depleted state and then the battery would be damaged through normal voltage drop over time.

I think if you store the battery at 100% charge and then the battery performs its own storage function where it depletes to 30% capacity, it would have more than enough voltage to survive for several years without damage.
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So if you leave a battery on the charger all winter, it won't go into storage mode? What about left connected to a tool?

I left my 4ah battery in the lawnmower after the last time I used it (~50% charged) and left the 2ah battery on the standard charger. The first time I mowed I used the 2ah battery while the larger one charged, and it lasted around 15 minutes. Then I finished the yard on the 4ah battery's charge and since have been keeping them on their respective chargers when not in use.

Hope this wasn't the wrong thing to do!
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David, page 14 from the charger manual:



"The battery pack will fully charge if left on the charger, but it will not overcharge. If the battery pack remains on the charger for one month or more, it will perform self-maintenance and drop to 30% charge capacity. If this occurs, reinstall the battery pack on the charger to recharge it fully."

No worries. :-)
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We've also got a "winter storage" topic started for for anyone interested.  Here's a link: https://community.egopowerplus.com/ego/topics/winter-storage

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Official Response
EGO Power+ battery packs are equipped with an advanced self-maintenance function to extend the battery life. Charge the battery and then store it indoors at normal household temperature. After one month of storage, the battery will  automatically perform a self-discharge operation and then enter sleep mode, where it will maintain 30% of its charge capacity. This charge level is optimal for the battery life. If stored for a month or longer, fully recharge the battery before the next use. If you are planning on storing your mower for a very long period of time, we recommend that your recharge the battery every six months.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled What is the best thing to do with the lawn mower battery in the winter?.

I recently purchased an EGO lawn mower. What is the best thing to do with the battery in the winter? Should I bring it inside or leave it out in the garage where it can regularly get below freezing, even into the 20s or teens.

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