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I have a really good customer who asked me if I could till up an area in an old chicken coup so that she could do a little gardening. I have a gas rototiller plus the cultivator head so I told her next time over I'd bring both.

Today was her scheduled mowing day so I scheduled her last so that I could till her garden area at the end of my day. Of coarse the gas rototiller had carb issues. I loaded the cultivator head in the truck thinking I'd at least do the edges with it and bring the rototiller over when I fixed it.

Well I wanted to finish the job for the customer so after tilling the edges I just did the whole thing with the cultivator. I ran the cultivator hooked to a backpack link 7.5ah battery. I was trying to make time so I ran it in high. One and a half batteries later and the area was tilled.

Turning out to be a nice little cultivator....perfect for landscape areas, garden beds and even for tilling new smallish garden areas.

Running it on high will kinda beat you up after a while so for most jobs low will do the trick.

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Yeah, it will definitely beat you up a bit!  For light use it is fantastic.  We would love to see some wheels as a add-on to this item.

it's a niche use product, but works great for it's intended use.

Thank you for sharing.
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Definitely a niche product. But, agreed, very good at it. It's not a tiller even though it can break up some sod but not comfortably as you both have said. I used mine recently to break down 2 old raised planter beds and it went through those like a hot knife through butter. Tried tilling up a planting area that has a fair amount of gravel and clay in the dirt and it really bounced around a lot. Definitely likes the looser soil for cultivating over the harder established soil.
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I just received my cultivator attachment and used it on a 16x26' section of wet ground. I knew I was doing a big area so I tried starting out with a 7.5 AH battery, but that completely unbalanced the power head and kept lifting the cultivator off the ground, so I almost immediately switched out to a 2.5 AH battery.

I outlined the edges by pulling the unit backwards, and then did 3' wide arcs back and forth with it while moving forward 6" one arc at a time. I was surprised to find that my first 2.5 AH battery allowed me to go over almost the entire area before it was used up! The first pass chewed up the vegetation and disturbed the top layer of muddy ground.

I swapped in a 2nd 2.5AH battery and was able to re-cover the entire area going perpendicular on the 2nd battery, so no complaints about runtime. I was impressed at how much torque/power/runtime I got out of the small batteries. (With a quick charger, you might be able to cultivate continuously with two 2.5 AH batteries, if your arms could take that....)

It is definitely not a rototiller, but worked well for chopping up the light grass/weeds and turning the top 2-3" of muddy ground over. [I don't think it would have worked as well on dry clay or super hard soil.]  The power head delivered plenty of power, and it chopped right through small roots (and bounced up off of large roots).

Using it on a large area is tiring, and you have to lever the end down a bit here and there to get it to dig in on occasion, and keep a good grip on the tool as it's continuously trying to pull itself forward though the ground.   (Imagine the edger, but 5-8x stronger).

I think a dedicated electric tiller with the (heavier) motor right above the tines would work better than the cultivator attachment at the end of the powerhead for larger areas, but this little guy does a surprisingly good job for a power head attachment.