Power head string trimmer vs carbon fiber powerload trimmer

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I was wondering if the power head (multitool) string trimmer is more powerful than the carbon fiber powerload string trimmers. Also does anyone know if there is any difference between the two carbon fiber trimmers besides the battery (2.5ah split shaft 5.0ah straight shaft). Is the straight Shaft any more powerful than the split shaft?
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Posted 2 years ago

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It seems I've read the multi-head system is more powerful, but my memory could be a bit rusty. Difference between split shaft and straight shaft is merely the packaging. The split shaft allows for a shorter box and once the hinge in the middle of the shaft is put together you never take it apart again. 
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Agree with mike.
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Is there a noticeable difference?
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I believe the powerhead system is slightly heavier as well, plus the new CF string trimmer has the "powerload" feature, and I don't believe the string trimmer attachment for the power head includes that option.  

I have the powerhead with edger and hedge trimmer attachments. I also have the CF string trimmer.  In my opinion, the CF String trimmer is plenty powerful, so I don't think you are missing out on anything by not getting the power head version, but I don't have the trimmer attachment for the power head system to compare directly.

If you already have the power head the string trimmer attachment may be cheaper than a full bare tool depending upon sales (I got the CF trimmer with charger and 2.5AH battery for $179 due to a good sale over Memorial day, so that was a no brainier over the $149 attachment only...)

I needed the long reach of the powerhead hedge trimmer attachment for the top of an 8' hedge, otherwise I would have gotten one of the handheld hedge trimmers for a lighter weight tool, and the only reason I have the edger is that the edger/powerhead bare tool kit for $129 is the cheapest way to buy the powerhead, but I'm liking the edger a lot!
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The Powerhead string trimmer combo is psycho powerful. For really heavy trimming it’s the way to go.

The 15” trimmers are plenty powerful for ordinary trimming. Unless you are clearing overgrown areas that don’t get regular maintenance the 15” trimmers are more than enough.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Help With String Trimmer Choice.

Having never owned a string trimmer, I'm having trouble understanding which features are important and which really are not.

For example, the "rapid reload" looks pretty simple, so I'm not sure what advantage the "powerload" head brings to the table.  How often does one load line, anyway (weekly, seasonally, etc.)?  Can anyone elaborate on this?

Comments have been made regarding lighter weight having an advantage, but it turns out that the carbon fiber models are only a few ounces lighter which I believe is insignificant.  One has to purchase carbon fiber to get the "powerload" feature, however.  2 pounds of weight can be saved by going with the 2.5A battery instead of the 5.0A battery.  Is the two pound weight saving significant enough to choose a model with the smaller battery?

I'm planning on getting the pole saw attachment, so I could go with the interchangeable head model (with 5A battery) and add the pole saw attachment, or I could get the "basic" string trimmer (with 2.5A battery) and add the pole saw attachment and interchangeable handle.  Both of these packages would be about the same price -- one would give me the lighter 2.5A battery.  I could also opt for the carbon fiber if the "powerload" feature is indeed significant.

I see this as the beginning of a system to eventually include lawn mower and a blower or two.

Thanks very much for any comments and recommendations!
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I weighed my powerload trimmer against my original 15" split shaft model with no fancy extras and the powerload came in an ounce or 2 heavier. 
However, the carbon fiber feels lighter (better weight distribution?) and definitely transmits less vibration to my hands than the aluminum shaft one. Haven't had the opportunity to try out the powerload feature yet.
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If you're going to get the pole saw anyway you might as well just go with the powerhead system and get the weed trimmer attachment.

The powerload is nice, but you're right: The rapid reload head works very well, and you only load string a few times a season. I wouldn't buy the carbon fiber trimmer just for that feature. It probably wouldn't even be in my top five reasons to buy it.