Power head + edger attatchment.

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I got my Power head + edger attatchment Model #: ME0800 this week. Tried it out today and it did pretty good. I’ve been in my house 2 years and the lawn was never taken care of. I got most my big projects done so now starting on the lawn.

Overall this thing did a pretty good job, going to do the 100+ foot sidewalk tomorrow. I like the variable speed and the 2 speed settings.

What I didn’t like so much so far is the noise the power head makes, to me it doesn’t sound very “healthy” for lack of a better terms. I’ll have to check YouTube to compare and see what’s normal. I also didn’t like the handle. The build quality vs the rest of the unit seems like they cheaper out.

It’s overall pretty thin where it’s bolted together around the shaft and has a decent amount of flex to it. It would have been nice to have some type of quick adjustable toggle clamp.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Looks good. Proper edging is beautiful. People using a string trimmer to edge, not so much.
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Looking great!

I second your comments about the handle.  I got my 15" trimmer out today and remember thinking the handle could be stiffer, but it's a pretty light tool.

That same handle design on the Powerhead seems a little flimsy and has a decent amount of flex in it just supporting the weight of the tool.
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First time edging is a bear. I had the same situation with a new house and a bad lawn. I could have sodded a small area with the strips of turf I was cutting off. Much quicker and smoother project after that first battle.
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I might have to have the rear lawn scraped and re sod it myself. It’s pretty much moss and bumps everywhere.
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haha mine too.  I got thru about 75% of the back yard last year - scrapping with a metal garden rake which meant down to bare dirt in the really bad moss areas - then added top soil - then seeded.
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I find it easier to edge for the first time if you string trim the grass overgrowth first to expose the concrete line. 
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Hi Erik,
Thanks for posting and for the pics.
I find the edger works best in the high speed setting (#2).

Regarding the sound, it's definitely a lot different than the gas edgers I've been used to.
It sounds something like a circular saw when it starts up, kinda cool actually,
and it does rev up and down some, as if it's self-adjusting to the current load.
It hasn't been a problem though, and I like it a little more each day.

Check to make sure the blade retaining nut is well torqued, another user had posted recently that his was received loose from the factory.

To maintain good cutting performance, after several uses as the leading tip of the blade
begins to become rounded, remove the blade and reverse it, so that the side with the sharp tip
leads forward.

You're right about the handle, with the weight of the edger attachment it does flex a lot.
It has held up so far though, and it does better with the line trimmer attachment.

I always keep my edger wheel at its highest edging depth (adjusted all the way down),
and I vary the actual edging depth on the fly, by simply varying how high I hold the back of the

Helpful techniques include:
Keeping the RPMs high enough for the current conditions, without over-revving.

Don't get down in the dirt any more than necessary, which keeps cutting power high
and makes for easier cleanup as well.

Keeping as close to the concrete as possible, in our area, wide edges promote weed growth.

In certain grasses/conditions holding the blade at a very slight angle towards the grass will provide a cleaner slightly beveled edge.