Power+ 21" Mower Blade Trapped on Shaft

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Hi All,

I am having a problem with my Power+ 21" mower. I recently removed the EGO blade to sharpen it in preparation for Spring. I re-installed the blade with the outer flange and bolt using a torque wrench set at 40 ft lbs. After tightening, I noticed the blade was very wobbly. I removed the bolt and flange again, but the blade was stuck on. It rotates freely, but I cannot pull it off. The best I can guess is that the outer flange created an impression on the shaft during tightening that is now trapping the blade. The outer flange also no longer fits on the shaft.

I reached out to EGO customer service who suggested I take it to a Home Depot for service. I did that, and the employee there tried to file the shaft smooth. After a few minutes, he told me to buy a Dremel and grind it myself. Not happy with that, I tried taking it to a local small engine repair shop. They looked at it, and said they were afraid to grind down the shaft as it might make the whole assembly unstable.

I'm not sure what to do now. This does not look like a part I can order, and nobody knows how to fix it. I was very happy with this mower, but I am getting extremely frustrated. Anybody have any advice?

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Posted 7 months ago

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Wow, that is a pickle. We got some smart cookies here, I'll be interested to see if they can come with anything, but yeah, it looks like you deformed the rotor assembly. This is why I hate torque wrenches. Never met one that didn't cause more trouble than the momentary power assist was worth, especially with things like bolts that have to come on and off frequently.
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Thanks for the reply! To clarify, I was just using a regular torque wrench and not an impact wrench. I would have used a regular wrench, but the EGO instructions said the torque should be between 36 and 43 ft lbs.
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What I see from the pic is the outer flange wasn't properly aligned with the flat part of the shaft and that's how you have the mark in the shaft. It would also have made a burr at the edge of the shaft and that's likely why the blade is having a hard time coming off. The grinding was a good idea but it might need more grinding to remove the burr that was formed. However, a gear or wheel puller might help free the blade without further grinding. 

Definitely not just because of torque wrench usage. 

Is the blade still wobbly? If so, it seems you should be able to walk it off.

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Yes, the blade is still on. It's very wobbly and spins freely, but I am unable to remove it by hand.
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penetrating oil [KANO Kroil Penetrating Oil is the very best but pricey and usually not available locally.]  heat applied to the blade to expand it [use care and don't burn up anything.  this is usually the place where you warn about gasoline in lawnmowers but what with it being electric...]   cheap gear puller set from Harbor Freight or equivalent [maybe the two arm puller type instead of the 3 arm so as to grab the blade easier.]
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Thanks for the tips! I tried a little silicone spray, but that didn't help. I'll check out that oil and puller!
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It's the washer with the flat side that's missing.  That's why it's wobbling.  Not being at home to look I can't remember if it goes under or over the blade but I think it's over and I would never use a torque wrench.

Been there done that and took me a while to figure out why it wobbled - it was the washer missing that makes it all work.

Hope you didn't lose it.  And don't go grinding the shaft any more - the washer will correct it after you get the blade off
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Is there a second washer? I have the flange and bolt, but don't remember seeing a second washer. 
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On mine there was only one washer and it was on the outer side of the blade where you can see it.
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In all the times I've changed lawnmower blades. I've never had this problem. However, I'm on my original EGO blade. This reminds me to be extra careful with my EGO.
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You could always ask CS their advice before you do anything!

If I were facing that situation I might install the bolt holding the blade down but not fully seat it, leaving a small gap of 1/4" or so. Then I would use a two-armed gear puller carefully straddling the stuck blade and tighten the puller slowly until the blade pops off.