Portable Air Compressor.

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So battery nailers are hitting the market with a high price tag. Ridgid and ryobi have them. But for 270.00 for the ridgid is rediculous. I think a portable air compressor, hip mounted, would sell like crazy. That way i can use my current air tools almost like they are battery operated.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Interesting idea... I wonder how much that would weigh with an Ego battery on it?

I would be interested in using my brad nailer that way. Not sure about a full-on framing nailer.

Heck, we should ask Ego for a straight-up 56v framing nailer... if power was an issue with the 18v models it sure wouldn't be a concern with a 56v Ego pack on there!

If I ever live out my dream of building my own house I'd be all over that!

Sorry for the hijack... :-)
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I have an electric finish nailer and it works great plugged into a 15' 10 gauge extension cord. A 25' 10 gauge extension cord diminishes the firing power enough that it can't set a 1" finish nail into 1/2" pine. The 25' 12 gauge extension cord I tried first didn't give it enough power to put the nail halfway in.

That kind of massive instantaneous power draw necessary to fire an electric nailer would have to be BRUTAL on the battery. Maybe some sort of capacitor setup would work, but it would be a real engineering feat to design.

Oh, and the nailer I have has an average rating of 2-3 stars. I don't think Ego wants their brand anywhere near something so lackluster and unimpressive.
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Well you are assuming it would use electric actuation. It wouldn't its pneumatic.
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I must have been pretty tired when I read this last night because I completely missed the pneumatic part of your suggestion!

That or perhaps I was more traumatized by my electric nailer than I ever realized.
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The new nailers use a pump and motor in the nailer and use the compressed air to fire the shot, i think.
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Paslode's system...battery and fuel cell...:)

Finish Nailer...12,000 finish nails per charge (7 volt lithium ion battery)

Framing Nailer... 9,000 framing nails per charge
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled RIDGID Gen5X - 1 Gal. 18V Air Compressor Review by Workshop Addict.

After watching this video of the new RIDGID Gen5X - 1 Gal. 18V Air Compressor review by Workshop Addict, I can't help but to "compare" it to how an EGO 56V Air Compressor would be?  I have asked for this (like many others before & after me), that EGO should consider making one of these tools soon ... imagine the "many" possibilities & productivity we can have with this, and our "existing" line ups of EGO batteries (2.0Ah, 2.5Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah and 7.5Ah).  Common EGO, you can do it .... :-)

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I agree with those in this thread. EGO you should make this. Including other power tools. 
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We hear you loud and clear, Nicholas!
Any efforts underway to produce a battery powered nailer?
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I'd rather they go with the compressor over just a nailer.  the battery pack alone would make that one HEAVY nailer....