Pole Saw Sprocket Cover

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EGO should consider offering an all metal Pole Saw Sprocket cover, as an upgrade, or better yet, putting it on the pole saw as original equipment.  The light duty plastic one may hold up, if one is cutting twigs, but bigger limbs, can easily take chunks out of the plastic cover.  I am going to have to fabricate a metal shield, for the cover, or continue purchasing $15 replacement covers.  I really like the pole saws cutting speed, and the tool in general, but the plastic sprocket cover, and the temperamental chain oiler, are serious dings to any recommendation I may provide.
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Randy Breitenfeldt

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Posted 1 year ago

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William E Hanson

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Randy, thanks for the heads up; I'm a light user, so haven't experienced this.
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Jason Harris

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This is a concern of mine as well, but I haven't broken a cover yet. 
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Absolute need. Cheap plastic cover gets torn up if chain displaces from bar. EGO products are great, the pole saw is a wonderful tool, shouldn’t cheap out on this cover. Also, the hex nut and drive screw tool is easily lost if cutting in brush, the band to retain it should be at the handle, not the saw end. Lost mine, cannot find how to replace.
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Adam Neusbaum

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While using the pole saw this evening up in a boom lift the chain came off twice. Going from tool-less chainsaws to the required hex/flat-head driver is not fun. Just imagine if the pole-saw had those same great features.

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Adam Neusbaum

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As a quick remedy to encourage the chain to not walk off the sprocket I added a plastic flange behind the washer. It stayed on longer this time; that is until the snap ring came off. Game over.
Observe the size of this retainer washer and compare it to the chainsaw. Also, the chainsaw cover is made from a more rigid plastic & likely assist in preventing the chain from coming off the edge of the sprocket.
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Eric Fletcher

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I too have lost the hex nut & drive screw tool when it slipped out of the holder while cutting branches. I now try to remember to keep a 5mm hex wrench in my pocket, but it is a lot less convenient. The idea is great, but the holder quickly gets slippery from chain oil, and branches can pull the tool out very easily. The problem would go away if the holder was on the handle instead of at the blade end.

I am also finding that the hex screw on the sprocket cover is getting loose very frequently despite tightening it carefully. Is there a lock washer option for it — or is that impossible for a plastic cover?