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The paddles on a gas model snowblower hit the ground and give the machine propulsion forward. This is one of the reasons the single stage gas snowblower is easier to push. With new paddles a gas snowblower may pull to hard. There must be a reason why battery operated and electrical cord operated single stage snow blower paddles don’t hit the ground. That is why the Ego blower is hard to push especially up a small incline. I think ego needs to address this problem with the paddles.
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Posted 1 year ago

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I would guess the paddles do not hit the ground in order to conserve power / increase run time.
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John, my snow blower was easy to push through up to 15"of snow and my driveway is on an incline. It really surprised me how easy it all was. I'm 69, but in great shape and very athletic. Of the choices, I will take the EGO anyday in both functionality and cost of ownership. They may develop what you want eventually as competition for those gas 2 or 3 stage ones, but at considerably heavier weight and price.
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Hi John - No matter what answers you receive on this question, your idea to improve the EGO snow blower/thrower mobility is great and EGO should consider such suggestions seriously.  It is the innovators that will increase their customer base.  I am 72 and would appreciate anything that helps my limited muscle power, especially when I get a mild injury in some part of the body that would make handling the machine difficult.  I imagine the same would be appreciated by many women and lesser "able-bodied" people.
Explanations and/or excuses for a machine's shortcomings just don't cut it any more in today's world of advanced technology.  For what we are asked to pay,  the manufacturer should give us the best possible options.
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Familiar with both the history of the company and the dialog I see here, I sense that EGO Power+ understands that future winners in the power tool sector must embrace user input as a key element of their corporate culture. This is especially true for a DIY user community that both cares deeply about our planet and is always keen to employ the best possible tools for our varied tasks. My neighbors come over to talk to me about my EGO tools and I have a tremendous sense of pride knowing that I may be a local trendsetter. I'm into lighting, IoT, PoE, etc. and have been recycling since the late 1970s. I may never own a Tesla but I feel I'm doing my part by gradually eliminating gasoline as a power source wherever possible. Perhaps, as we speak, EGO is exploring ways to assist forward movement of the snow thrower without sacrificing too many electrons in the process. I wish them success in all that they do.
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Ego watches these discussions very closely, and all of these ideas and proposals get considered. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say.
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Well stated; pretty much reflects our sentiments.
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John N - szwoopp hit the nail on the head. Even though I love all my other EGO tools I returned the EGO snowblower after a few weeks because to make up for the gap between the pavement and paddles the scraper bar is very sharp and has no compliance for uneven pavement. Maybe all electric snowblowers and like this. I ended up with a Toro and the paddles do propel the machine well (almost too well) but the other feature that I like and think EGO could incorporate is a pivoted scraper bar that allows it to accommodate uneven pavement. 
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Our central vac power head has adjustable height settings to allow different levels of engagement with the carpet, depending on whether you want max cleaning or a more delicate approach for fragile carpets.

I wonder if an adjustable setting could work for a snowblower so you could do all the heavy removal first with lots of clearance and go over it again afterwards making contact to clean it down to the pavement? An adjustable scraper bar height could do this.

It wouldn’t really deal with the lack of propulsion, but would give you that squeaky clean finished product. It could also be used in “propulsion mode” all the time with the user understanding they will use up their batteries faster.

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