Opinions needed on LM2101 or LM2102SP and Edger

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I recently picked up the LB4801 on clearance at Home Depot. Now I'm looking to expand.

My next purchase is the mower. I'm torn between deciding on the LM2101 or spending the extra $100 on the LM2102SP. For what it's worth my lot size is 75x100 (this includes the house, so the actual grass area is less than this). It's not a huge lot and it does not have any hills. One side of me says to purchase the LM2101 and save the money to put it towards the trimmer. But then the other side of me worries if I'll get tired pushing it, how heavy and hard is it to push, and will I have buyers remorse. So then I start thinking I should get the 2102SP. But I'm not sure the extra run time and self propelled are really needed.

Can anyone provide some real world examples and opinions on the two models? Is it very hard to push a non self propelled LM2101? Should I just give in and spend another $100? It's not like I'm mowing an acre of grass but I don't want to struggle either.

My thought is to purchase the less expensive LM2101 and then purchase the ST1502SF trimmer.

And lastly I'm torn on picking an edger. One side of me says to pick up a cheap corded edger that I'd probably use 1-2 times a month and maintain the edge with the Ego ST1502SF trimmer held sideways. The sidewalk is not very far from the garage so a cord is fine. Another side of me says to spend a bit more and purchase the ME0800 (tool only for $129 as I have batteries already) but I'm concerned if it's powerful enough, and overkill to do a short sidewalk thats not far from the garage. Any opinions and experience on using the ME0800 edger would be appreciated! I'm not against buying that too if it makes sense and is powerful.

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Posted 2 years ago

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I have the non-SP 21" mower and an average sized city lot, also flat, and it's perfect for my needs. Not hard to push. Not heavy. Buy the non-sp one and definitely use the saved money for another Ego tool. I have the original 15" trimmer and I use it sideways to edge the lawn. It was a little awkward at first but now I'm pretty good at it. 
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I agree with Mike. Ego's mowers weigh considerably less than conventional mowers. I'm an out-of-shape middle-aged guy with 7,500 square feet to mow and have no problem with the push mower.

If you had hills, that would be a different thing. But I think you'll be happy without the self-propelled feature.
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There are a lot of things to consider like how high do you keep grass, what kind of grass, do you mulch or going to catch your grass. Could you be a person with medical conditions that’s in rehabilitation a lot. I had a neighbor that returned his for a self propelled. These products aren’t cheap, what’s an extra $100.00.
I was you reading all the blogs about the pros and cons before purchasing my mower, still a there was unanswered questions. One question I should found out, if my mower was covered under 5 year warranty and was need of repair, could you wait 4 to 6 week turnaround before you see it again. So check your Home Depot on warranty repair status at your store.
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All good point! Not sure what kind of grass yet as this is a house I'm moving to. I do mulch.
No medical conditions, I'm relatively healthy in my 40s :)

No, the products are not cheap. But I can also spend the $100 on a trimmer instead of the more expensive mower. That's where I keep beating myself up over. It's a small lawn, so hearing others say it's not hard to push at all helps. Unfortunately I went to 2 home depots, and neither one has them on display to physically hold and push and try out. That's why I am looking for those who have real world experience and can comment.

The repair issue you brought up can be a problem. But the way I see it:
1) If I owned a gas mower, and it broke, I'd take it to the repair shop and wait for an unknown amount of time for a gas engine repair. I'd be in the same boat...no mower at home

2) I can always see if I have a nice neighbor to borrow a mower from

3) I can always pick up a cheap corded mower, or even a reel mower. It's just a temp solution. The same issue would happen if I took a gas mower to a repair shop and had to wait 1-2 weeks.
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Another option: buy the improperly priced Powerhead/Edger combo for $129:


Then add the String Trimmer attachment for $109:


Add that to the 5Ah Push Mower kit for $399:


All together you’v spent $637, you have a 5Ah battery to edge with (takes lots of power), the smaller battery from your blower to trim and blow with, AND you have access to Ego’s Powerhead system should you wish to expand.

My humble advice. ;-)
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I was also going to recommend exactly this.
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Blue Angel has it spot on there - I just did that, thanks to advice from this board.

But as for the Self Propelled - I say definitely get that, unless you're not aging like I am.  I'm VERY glad I got the SP - my lawn is not big at all, with zero hills, but I use the SP all the time.  (Bigger battery too)

Now I bought the trimmer on ebay, the 15" one, with 2.5A battery, from someone called Karen's Barn (she apparently sells open box and return items, and ships cheap and is nice to deal with), for $93 shipped, in nearly new condition, and I'm really not that sold on it - it's sooo powerful it's difficult to control, even with a strap, and I'm not THAT old (70) - Edging with it looks like I used an axe.  It's not meant to be held on its side, and is awkward and jumps all over the place. 

Here's Karen's Barn https://www.ebay.com/usr/karensbarn?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754

I have 2 other string trimmers, a Ryobi which is good for weed whacking, a Black and Decker, which edges nicely, and I just the Ego trimmer for scorched earth, clear a whole overgrown area about 20X30, of my yard beside my house.  I find no finesse with it.

That said, I did just buy the mis-priced (?) Multi Head HomeDepot Edger and the string trimmer attachment, for a total of I think it was 109+129.  And sold my trimmer to a friend for $50 without battery.

Blue Angel is giving you some good advice above this, but from my perspective, for sure get the Self Propelled - which also has a larger battery and is just $100 more.  You don't have to use it, you can still push the mower and my bet is it's not much heavier at all.  (I actually do push mine occasionally)

Otherwise, you're gonna get buyer's remorse.  But another plus, buy either one and you have 90 days to take care of remorse or not.

That's my 5centz worth.  Do let us know what you chose - I love my Ego schtuff

Oh I also bought the blower (not the newest one) on ebay as well.

Oh and one more thing, when you get the mower, at the same time immediately order the 21" high lift blade from Amazon, (for $21) -  before I got that I was disappointed in complete lack of lift or suction and the mower would not pick up leaves - with it, it flat rocks (should say sucks - lol).  Trust me on this one and give 50 cents to the charity of your choice.

So right now I'm going to go out and mow my lawn!!!  Then I may mow the neighbors as well - these things are that much fun to use.  (Who ever thought anyone would call mowing a lawn FUN?)

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I’ve bought from Karen’s Barn before, great seller!

Excellent point - the larger battery is a very compelling reason to go with the SP mower. The only drawback in this case might be that the 5Ah would be more user friendly on the Powerhead, though it’s a little heavier than most of the dedicated tools so that might not be an issue.
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I also have gotten really good stuff from Karen's barn.
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Did the 21" high lift blade also help with the grass blades left at times? I used to own the LM2102SP but returned it last year due to this issue. However, now there is a steel one, but does cost $250 more. Is this worth it? ..thanks in advanced everyone!