On the fence about upgrading to a 15" trimmer from a 12" one?

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I recently had the opportunity to upgrade to the ST1500-S EGO 15" string trimmer from my EGO 12" trimmer and I thought I would share my results.

First: The 15" trimmer seems to have SO MUCH MORE POWER than the 1st generation 12" model I had previously. It could be the thicker diameter line, but I was cutting through swaths of gnarly weeds with MUCH more ease and speed than with my previous EGO 12" trimmer. Obviously the cutting swath increase was a boon, but the power seems to really outshine.

Next: The bump feed, though! The bump feed works about 150,000% better than it did on the 12" model, which was my main use case for upgrading. Hats off to EGO for nailing down that problem. That was my main gripe about my 12" model, and from what I've read on this forum, others were also of the same opinion. 

Next: I really love the variable speed trigger on the 15" model; it allows me to use less juice to get the job done than the 12" model, which was the old "binary" style trigger.

Also: The black plastic arm-rest added to the top of the trimmer motor is a REALLY nice touch! It's quite ergonomic to rest my right forearm on that while trimming to balance out the weight. It works so well, in fact, that I can 1-hand across my body for a short period of time if I need to whack something far away.

Another Also: I was hesitant about the split-shaft at first, because it seemed that it could be a weak point for the shaft to flex. After three sessions and probably 5 or 6 bumps per session, I have found that the shaft is as rigid as when I first put it together and I have no further concerns about flex. It might need some good ol' wrenching and loc-tite every season, but I'm okay with that.

For me, the 15" string trimmer bare tool is worth the price of admission if you bought a 12" trimmer kit and still have a functional battery and charger. I'm using my 2.0 battery on this upgrade, and it's all going quite well. The new tool REALLY is that much better than the original ST1200 I bought back in the day.

Keep EGO'ing everybody!

Andy Culpepper
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Posted 3 years ago

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Andy, thanks for the "detailed" review of your new 15" trimmer and congratulations on your upgrade.  Since I've never owned the 12", I have to take your word for it.  I love my 15" trimmer from day-one and have been using it without any problems.  I still can't believe how easy it is to start up every time, and I also love the "noise level" versus my old gas trimmer - much quieter!!!  EGO did an excellent job with this trimmer and like you, I am a very happy customer as well : )
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As soon as I got my 15" trimmer, I gave the 12" to my neighbor.  That's how much I thought of the 15".  I didn't want to have anything to do with the 12.
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I am also having good luck with the 15" trimmer. The variable speed is a nice touch. I normally run at half speed and even at half speed this trimmer has plenty of power and ultra quiet. I have a neighbor with a gas trimmer that sounds like a moto race going on in his yard when he is trimming...I say under my breath...get a EGO and give your neighbors a noise break!
That could be a slogan! :)
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Andy, I echo your sentiments pretty much to the letter.

While there was nothing wrong with the 12" trimmer except the finicky bump feed, it was just OK. The 15" trimmer is an enormous leap ahead, going from a so-so product to something that truly is a joy to use, and with power to spare.
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Andy, thanks for sharing your experiences.  The 12" string trimmer is slowly being phased out.  Support will continue for the tool (we'll still have parts, accessories, etc.) but the tool itself will no longer be available by next year.