On Going Review of My LM-2022-SP Lawn Mower

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Except for a few exceptions, the EGO LM-2022-SP (SP: self propel)  is an exceptional lawn mower with many well thought-out features for both safety and performance. It comes with a steel deck making it more rigid and stable for handling the aggressive torque of the motor and the self-propel drive. It folds up easily into a low profile package that can be stored flat or vertical against a garage wall (no gas or oil to worry about spilling out). Rear wheel drive great advantage for climbing hills. The most safety-featured mower I have ever seen. Even with the large 7.5amp battery installed, its exceptional light-weight makes it easy to push even without the SP engaged. Handle is full adjustable up-and-down for height and comfortable, especially after I added a small piece of foam to the right side of bail-switch level

This mower has an exceptionally attractive design making it look techno as well as sleek looking. The battery exterior are very techno design with attractive colors and contours reliefs along their surface. However, it would have been nice if the 7.5Ah designation were printed in larger letters to quickly identify the several different size batteries I have for the different EGO tools I use.

This mower easily cuts through tall grass 7-9 inches without bogging down; I was pleasantly surprised, but I'll never let it get that tall again (heavy rains prevented mowing for several days). The position of the bail lever in conjunction with the propel lever allows for single-handed mowing with ease. The user guide instructions I found exceptions comprehensive, clear, and detailed. The deck comes with attachments allowing for bagging, mulching, or ejection of grass clippings. ALL levers and adjustments are convenient, logically designed, and easy to operate with the spring-loaded counter-force.


There were a few minor shortcomings, and one major one listed below. And I'll attempt to mention the major one in some detail  because prospective buyers should know about this before buying the EGO LM-2020-SP electric brushless lawn mower.

1. It would have been nice to have a FLASHING red LED light on motor housing display instead of the solid red when battery reaches near discharged level; flashing red attracts attention easier. Even a buzzer would be nice since a badly depleted Lithium battery can affect battery life longevity.

2. The translucent battery cover door could be hinged to open higher (wider) so it doesn't take two hands to install battery --- one hand to hold the door up and one hand to install the battery --- minor issue, of course. Since all other features and functions were so well thought out, this partial open-door limitation was surprising to me.

3. Although not a hard-and-fast problem, but the Self-propel Speed Lever could have a little more tension (resistance) on its range of motion so that brushing against low-hanging shrubs would no change speed (very minor issue). However, often such an easily moveable lever tends to wear out faster with repeated movements over time.

4. Occasionally, I notice that when releasing the SP Lever and pulling the mower backwards, and re-activating the forward motion by depressing the SP Lever again, there is a 2-3 second delay before forward motion is activated. I suspect this occasional delay has something to do with the interplay in the build-in safety feature that disables blade or SP drive when mower moves backward. This is a great safety feature when the mower inadvertently moves backward on a hill --- its good that the blade auto-disengages, but it seems that occasionally the forward motion is also impeded momentarily. But definitely NOT a deal-breaker. Overall, this LM-2022-SP is a GREAT investment; and so far I love it.

NOW THE MAJOR DRAWBACK: The electric motor is patently too quiet, and this is a major problem when it comes to my son's grandmother. She likes taking the EGO 20" mower for a spin every now and then. She particularly likes the "self-propelled" feature because she can bungee-cord the mower handle to her Walker  (she had grandpa install another set of wheels and a seat on her walker), and it pulls her along at about 5-miles per hours; which is pretty darn fast for granny.  It doesn't exactly blow her hair back on take-off, but the automated SP feature gives her a thrill. Thrills are rare for a 93 years old grandmother; grandpa isn't proud of that.

Anyway, back to the quiet motor problem with the EGO LM2020SP lawn mower. Sometimes grandma hits the Geritol bottle a little too vigorously and becomes overly energetic. Then she takes the EGO mower out for awhile to cut a few swathes. Then she gets carried away and cuts the neighbor's lawn too. Then the next neighbor's lawn, and the next. Occasionally we catch her hiding an extra 7.5amp backup battery in her tote bag which is velcro'd to her walker handle. But when she isn't home by dinner  time, we suspect she might have even packed away a rapid charger for 7.5 amp battery.

And this is where it gets dicey and the real problem arises because the EGO brushless motor is way too quiet. We can't hear which neighbor's lawn she may be mowing at the time. We don't even know which direction to start looking since we can't hear anything. This is a blatant and unforgiveable manufacturing error by EGO. If they're going to make the mistake of manufacturing such a quiet brushless motor, the least they could do is have spoked-wheels to insert a card into (like our childhood bicycling days) so we can hear grandma mowing without organizing a neighborhood posse. The motor is simply too quiet.

This problem is occasionally exacerbated when grandma  falls asleep on the walker with the throttle open and we find her cruising the shoulder on the nearby freeway. We have found instances where she duct-taped the "self-propel" lever down to the mower handle so the mower and walker can go for long periods of time while she is napping. We finally had to install a seatbelt on the walker when we found her stalled in a sand trap at the local golf course. The powerful brushless motor was still running when we got there and had already churning up and deposited nearly a wheel-barrow size load of sand onto the nearby putting green. And this could be another serious manufacturing problem with EGO mowers.  Why do they have to make the motor so powerful? They could easy reduce the torque on these mowers, so that not so much sand is spewed onto greens when grandma hits the sand rough. It took us over an hour to sweep all that sand off the green and back into the sand trap.

If you too have a grandmother living with you, I strongly suggestion that you may want to think twice about buying an over-powered and too quiet-sounding EGO electric lawn mower.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Thanks for the awesome review!

As to drawback #2, completely agree. I have the original 20" mower and the lid not staying up on its own is one of those head-scratchers... how can everything else be so good and they overlook that little detail?

As for grandma getting away, sounds like you need to mount a cow bell to the mower. :-)

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I guess at 93, you can disable whatever safety features you deem unnecessary! =)
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Like the strong quiet motor, as most do.
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Nicely reviewed...Go Grandma Go! and Mow on!
the only complaint i see about the previous 2102sp model was the suction strength to get a good clean cut and a good mulch. do you think this one is better for that and do you know if it has the "improved blade" that was being released to the US in 2017 for the 2102sp model? Trying to choose between yours and the 2102 which is not brushless or steel but has bigger bag and larger blade (21") i believe. thank you!!
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Michelle, the High Lift blade was released for the 21" model only.  As for the mulching performance of the new steel deck brushless mowers, they are very new and few people have had a chance to review them.  Having said that, initial reports seem very good but I don't believe anyone has reported experience with both mowers yet.

If you buy at Home Depot you have 90 days to return either mower if you're not happy with it, and 12 months if you buy on the HD Credit card.

EDIT:  I should add, i hope garuda is still following this post and can offer any more insight they may have. :-)
thank you Blue Angel! the high lift blade is for the 2101sp correct? do we know if that helped significantly with the lift and mulching? Do you know if the high lift blade will come with the new 2022sp? Or at least be available for it?
Thank you and if garuda could comment on the mulching with the new mower - that would be awesome!
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No problem Michelle!

Correct, the high lift blade is only available for the 21" mowers.  It is designed to increase performance in side discharge and bagging applications.  The jury is out as to whether it will help with mulching as it's not designed with that in mind.

There is a high lift version of the 20" mower blade available in Europe, but as far as we know there are no plans to release it here.  If the steel deck mower follows the lead of the original 20" mower it will perform just fine. ;-)
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Looking to purchase the LM-2022-SP model this spring. I've read that this model is much improved over all previous models all had some issues.  I've read several reviews stating the following. Can you advise if you have experienced these issues? 
1. Uneven cut, often misses alot of blades of grass
2. When engaging the Self Propel feature the deck height changes

I wish their were more Youtube videos out there on the steel deck sp version.

PS - I've got the string trimmer and snow blower already. I want to love this but I'm serious about a good cut on my lawn. It's either a Honda HRX or Ego.
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Greg, I am trying to make this same decision, did you buy the steel deck or plastic deck?
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I ordered the high lift 20” blade from the UK. It’s a nice upgrade
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Random question, but for lawn nuts like myself, have you attempted to find a striping kit to work with the LM2022?  I just ordered the mower and was hoping not to have to engineer a striping solution.

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I found a thread but it looked like it was a couple years old.  I'll try again.  I know that some people said the striping kits would be too hard on the electric transmission/motor/plastic deck.  However, since the 2022 is a steel deck with brushless motor I wondered if maybe that issue was no longer a concern.

Thanks for the home brew suggestion, I may just go that way anyway.
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Alex, also if it's not too much trouble, would love to see a pic your home brew striper solution.  Pics of your lawn using this method look great on other posts.
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Hey Landon, you'll have to allow me a few days to get you the pics, as I'm traveling until Thursday.  Once I return, I'll get you the exact measurements you'll need for the pipe.  But basically, I got a 2" PVC pipe from Home Depot w/ 2 end caps.  I bought a 5 lb. bag of sand as filler.  I made sure the pipe was cut to a length that would allow it to just fit in between the rear wheels.  If you cut it too long, you can't back up with your mower.  Too short and you don't maximize the stripes.  
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No worries, I'm not in a hurry.  My mower doesn't arrive until Thursday and it's not as if striping is an urgent thing anyway.  My biggest question was the zip tie configuration.  Looking forward to seeing the pics in the future.
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Chappy, I ended up returning the 20” mower, so I don’t have any pics of the pvc pipe attached to it. Here’s a pic of the pipe. 2” total length of 16.25” to fit in between the back wheels so you can back up. I bought a 5lb bag of sand and that was more than enough. When I attached it to the mower, I drilled the holes on the flap so the pipe would be just off the ground. One hole per side and looped the zip tie under the flap. Pretty easy and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.