Oct. 2017 7.5 Ah Battery Purchase Made in Dec. 2014

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I just purchased a "new" standalone 7.5 Ah battery from Union Wheel, an officially authorized reseller in Alberta, Canada in Oct. 2017.

The battery was definitely in new/unused condition but I noticed on putting it into the charger it said it was manufactured in Dec. 2014.

I've used it a bit in my 21" SP mower and it seems to be holding up the same as my other batteries, but, still.. I don't know.

1. Would EGO still honour the 3 year battery warranty based on the date of purchase and not the manufacturing date?

2. Do you think I should request a replacement/contact the store about this? They've been good to me so far (made a few purchases from them now)/I don't know if this was intentional, but with limited battery life expectancy I feel pretty uneasy about this.

The mower I purchased this spring came with a 2016 battery which is one thing but this battery is already almost 2 years old. Sure it seems to be holding up now but how about in 3 years? They do charge considerably less than Home Depot but still I did pay full price.

Only thing is it was $20 to ship it here the first time so I don't know their policy on return & replacement shipping costs (if they even allow that).

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Official Response
Ego has previously stated that the warranty is based on the purchase date, not the date of manufacture.  Lithium Ion batteries, if stored properly, e.g. at 30-50% charged state will not lose very much capacity, which is caused by charge/discharge cycles.  Typical customer experience has been that _if_ a battery will fail, it will do so in the first year.  There have not been very many reports of battery capacity falling way off; and even if it did, as long as you're within the three year period, you are covered for a replacement.  My vote is to not worry about it.
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Now if I were buying a second hand battery _without_ a warranty (since they cannot transfer), then I would absolutely factor in the manufacture date; but that isn't the case here.
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1. Yes
2. No

Like aTE said, properly stored (Ego’s automatic long term storage mode), the battery cells lose negligible capacity. If you’ve tested it and it seems to be working ok, it should be good to go.

Curious, what does UW charge for the 7.5? HD Canada sure doesn’t give them away! :-)
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This United Wheel out of Atlanta.  Are you sure they are an authorized reseller???  I did some searching and it seems like a automotive wheel shop.
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Canada, not Atlanta.
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ROFL.  I'll tell you, it is funny how your mind can do that when reading!  Thanks.
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And its Union not United.  Union Wheel is an authorized reseller.
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You too... I'm not going to bother with using my phone to read anymore.  not without my reading glasses.
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I ran into a similar situation with a 7.5 AH battery that was purchased with my mower. (Mower manufacture date of  Sep 2016, but the battery had a manufacture date of Dec 2014).

So far the battery has been working as it should, but I made sure to register it and I am using a Kill-A-Watt meter to measure how many watt hours  my rapid charger takes to re-charge it every time to watch out for loss of capacity over time.  So far, it falls right in line with what others have reported for a 7.5 Ah battery (410-420 watt hours to fully recharge after running it down to a flashing red light in the mower).   So, make sure you register it and get your receipt on file with Ego, then keep an eye on it, but you are probably fine.
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All of mine were made in 2014 and I have no issues with 2 of them at 3 years.  1 had an electronics failure, but was replaced.  Must have been been a big run of these batteries in 2014. 
Thanks for all the replies, sets my mind a bit at ease.

I should state I'm expecting/hoping to keep these batteries for at least 5 years and hopefully longer than that/as long as possible.

(I have x4 7.5 Ah batteries, to run my snowblower continuously for a large rural driveway + clearing a bunch of other areas.)

I think what I'll do is e-mail Union Wheel and mention the battery date/ask them about the warranty being honored (I know that's been answered here), and if they offer a replacement I'll take them up on that, if not I guess I'll just have to see and trust that the batteries will last. I did still get a "new" battery way cheaper than the other option (HD Canada) so I can't complain too much I guess, I'd do it again for the price difference.

Lesson I learned here for next time is to get the battery manufacturing date checked before confirming the purchase (again, I'm reasonably confident it will last for the warranty period but my other three 7.5 Ah batteries are 2016s and I want/need them all to last as long as possible, especially given the high cost of them).

I'll let you all know how that goes, thanks again.

Yes, as others mentioned it was Union Wheel out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (an officially licensed dealer), not United Wheel out of Atlanta.


Union Wheel is currently selling the 7.5 Ah battery for $439 CDN as a standalone.

It was $20 CDN to ship it to me in Ontario*.

*Related Note:
My snowblower cost the same to ship to me last year (cheapest option/speed not prioritized, via FedEx) as a quoted price to ship the same kit to someone in Quebec so I think these shipping prices may be more or less a constant for all easterners.

(It might have been cheaper actually perhaps, but they quoted me saying it would be about $20 CDN they thought and could get back to me with something 100% confirmed later in the day, and as that was what I had expected, about half the $40 CDN it cost to ship me my 575 CFM blower the month before, I said that was fine and just went with that - stupidly.. not sure why I didn't just wait.)

[Also I've had 3 things shipped to me in Ontario from them in Alberta since last year - snowblower kit, 575 blower & this 7.5 Ah battery, all took about a week with the cheapest shipping option.]

I have actually been keeping a log of various EGO tool & battery prices since last summer (2016) and can give you some information on the standalone 7.5 Ah battery prices in Canada (all of these regular prices, none on sale) -

Home Depot.com (USA):
$358.75 USD right now (which seems around what I recall it was last year, I didn't log that though)
$459.70 CDN that comes to, based on the current exchange rate
(1 CDN $ = 0.78 USD $, Nov. 2nd, 2017)
- I do recall from last year the US battery price was under $500 CDN with the exchange rate from when I checked last year, so it looks like that price hasn't changed).


Home Depot Canada:
$559.00 CDN (Summer 2016)
$599.00 CDN (mid-Summer 2017)
$617.00 CDN (Now/current since at least Sept. 30th, 2017)
- Online only, free shipping

Union Wheel (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
$439.00 CDN (current/Nov. 2017 price)
+ approx. $20 CDN shipping to Ontario

I don't have a log of the Union Wheel price from last year as I didn't know about it, but, I did log the price of my Snowblower + x2 7.5 Ah batteries & rapid charger kit from last year as $1072.00 CDN then and ...it's the exact same price now.

+ the $439 CDN price for the standalone 7.5 Ah battery jives with my memory of a "middling $400+ price" from last year, so I don't think they've changed since last year or based on exchange rates fortunately.

So anyway, as you can see, with shipping the Union Wheel option costs exactly the same as just going to the U.S. and buying it, and probably a little less because you don't lose any money to fees exchanging your currency (and that's assuming you were taking a trip to the U.S. anyway so that fuel wasn't a factor, not to mention possible duty fees when coming back).

+ it's almost $200 cheaper than HD Canada due to their increasing gouging, and still from a certified EGO dealer.

Only way to go as far as I'm concerned (I've looked for batteries & prices closer to home in Ontario but without success, Ontario "dealers" seem to be more about repairs or the prices/inventory are unlisted).

Also, my understanding is a province should charge purchasers tax based on the taxes of the consumer's province (not sure why) so I should be getting HST but I've only ever been charged 5% PST from Union Wheel, so, even more savings over HD Canada.

(They also will list your product serial numbers on your receipt and e-mail it you as well btw, a nice touch if you forget to copy it down before taking your stuff outside to use it.)

The only "cheaper" option than this I think would of course be to order a 7.5 Ah with rapid charger + tool kit (backpack blower, snowblower, mower) from Union Wheel (or mower + 7.5 Ah battery & charger kit from HD Canada.. if still in stock), and keeping the battery & selling the extra stuff - which I was considering doing this year with the backpack blower kit, but ultimately decided against it as I didn't want the hassle of storing it, spending time trying to sell it and risking not having a buyer (I'm in a mid-sized city). If you have the patience for that though, you could probably get the battery a little cheaper still, even with modest sale prices on the tool & charger.
Other Home Depot Canada battery prices I've logged:

5 Ah battery -
$297 CDN (summer 2016)
$298 CDN (now)
- price about the same

4 Ah battery -
$237 CDN (summer 2016)
$264 CDN (now)
- price increase

2.5 Ah battery -
$229 CDN (summer 2016)
$253 CDN (now)
- price increase

2 Ah battery -
$ 189 CDN (summer 2016)
$ 178 CDN (now)
- price decrease

Also, I haven't seen -any- batteries go on sale from anyone in Canada since I've been following them last year, though, I recall a a promotion at HD Canada last year for a free 2 Ah battery (or 2.5 Ah maybe) if you bought the 7.5 Ah SP mower kit I believe, in spring 2016, didn't see that this year.
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Great post!

Yes, the price gouging by HD Canada is unbelievable. Thanks for the pricing info from Union Wheel! That pretty much confirms that I won’t be buying any more Ego products from HD!!!

In Canada anyway...
Sure thing.

Oh yes, also, I should've mentioned you do get a tracking # from Union Wheel as well, needless (almost) to say.
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Good Lord Home Depot SUCKS
Home Depot Canada*
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Yes, HDC

Precisely why I don't feel the need to buy Ego gear through them.  Union Wheel all the way!!!

It's funny, HDC sells Milwaukee's M12 tools CHEAPER in Canada than they do in the US when you take the exchange rate into account, so why is Ego's stuff MORE EXPENSIVE?  That was never the case a couple years ago before our dollar drifted down, but since then they've seriously overcompensated for the exchange rate... almost like they predicted the dollar would drop much farther than it did and then just left the prices as they were.  Dumb.

The 5Ah backpack blower kit is on sale in the US for $259, and it's priced at $498 up here.  WTH?

My co-worker got interested in battery electric lawn mowers when I told him about mine.  He did some research and ended up with a Kobalt.  I can't blame him a bit!  Kobalt stuff at Lowes is actually priced as though they're interested in selling it, and it goes on sale on top of that!  We hardly EVER see any sales or promotions on Ego stuff up here.

Rant over.

For now.  ;-)

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