I can't get my mower started. What am I doing wrong?

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Just got my LM2102SP self-propelled mower. The blades won't spin but it moves forward. I got this so we would not have hassles with gas and pull starting for a petite woman. The book says to re-torque the blade which we did (not many Joe Blow's have torque wrenches??). Well we do and torqued as directed and it still does not work. I have been on hold forever trying to get help. I think this is going back to Home Depot to get an electric start Honda. The kids and I got this for Mothers Day gift so this really stinks!!!!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Official Response
If the mower is defective, that's certainly disappointing. But you'll be able to take it back to Home Depot and exchange it for another one.

As someone who has had an Ego mower for a little over a year now, I heartily recommend you give Ego one more try. It's absolutely light years ahead of having to deal with a gasoline engine.

Defective products do happen. Don't let it sour you on Ego just yet. The company's five-year warranty shows they have confidence and stand behind their products.
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Yes, if it's DOA, then HD will just exchange it.
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Hi Brennan,

This sounds more like a safety mechanism keeping the blade from spinning. The blade and self propel are completely independent and I believe the self propel will work even when the key has not been pressed or the handles aren't extended all the way.

Check out these two threads before exchanging it if you aren't able to reach Ego:

Blade Won't Turn

The blade will not turn to cut grass
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Don't give up so fast. This is a great mower that will serve you well and be a lot less hassle than any gas mower.

I just want to confirm the method to start the mower to insure you have it correct.

With the battery properly charged and installed...

1. Push & hold in the green button (release after the motor has started).
2. Pull the long black level to start the blade motor.

You probably know that the self propelled motor works independently from the blade motor when the green lever is engaged.

If this isn't working call the support line.
If it is faulty you will be able to exchange for a new one at the HomeDepot without any problem except for the hassle it caused you.
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Brennan, have you verified the start sequence yet? I don't want you to throw your hands in the air and give up. Verify the start sequence, if you find that is not the issue. Exchange it for a new one and verify that the new one does not have any issues. You will love this mower. Its absolutely amazing.
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I had a similar experience with Ego CS, I retuned my mower, it just wasn't up to my standards, not for the hefty $500 price tag. I had a question about the registration since it had been returned. Well, I waited and waited for someone to pick up on the call and after 15 minutes I decided to have them call me back, this is offered as a convenience to customers. Well guess what, it's been over a week and I'm still waiting for the call back. In the end I did what you said you would be doing, I went back to me Honda mower and I'm glad I did, the quality of the cut is so much better. So I'll be changing oil, air filters and spark plugs and be happy doing it.
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Agree with the others - are you sure you started the cutting sequence?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Safety Switch.

As it turn out it was the start sequence and the safety button (switch)... The safety button would not stay in when we pull the bail handle is pulled back. After some trial and error and reading posts we pushed switch the switch off center toward the back and heard a loud click and now it seems okay and depresses easily and evenly.

I would like to see the design modified it so when depressed it would hold down in place but pop back after the bail handle is released. Also, would it not be good to state in the directions that more clearly something like "The safety button must be fully and continuously depressed while the bail handle is pulled - otherwise the blades will not engage"..... Also, in the trouble shooting it only lists "re-torquing' the blade as a solution. One would think that it would state  "improper start sequence" along with "re-torquing' the blade...

Anyway, it is working now I think the switch just was just not seated right. Now it is smooth. 

Thanks to all that posted!
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Nice to hear you are mowing smoothly now :-)